NEW Ink Innovation; G INK Reflection provides the luxury look of foil for less, offering multiple color capability while combined with other print & design techniques.

NEW Oak Alternative; Now introducing a new oak product line. Stop by the G3 booth to learn more about this new product.

G3 Enterprises
UWGS Booth: 404

G3 Enterprises is an industry-leading packaging manufacturer and logistics provider.  G3 Enterprises leverages its wide breadth of expertise to help wineries by focusing on innovation, quality, and technical services for all of its clients.  The company offers exclusive products and services in the following areas:  custom and stock closures with a wide range of options; custom label printing; warehousing and third-party logistics services; transportation; full-service bottling (on-site and mobile capabilities); winery services; glass distribution; bottle etching and decorating; and comprehensive technical and lab services.  G3’s unique competitive edge goes beyond its wide range of products and services offerings, and focuses on its experienced employees, who have accumulated knowledge across diverse businesses.  The company has provided manufacturing value-added services such as pre-bottling line check-ups and set-ups.  G3’s team specializes in oxygen management control in packaging components, including cork, cap, glass, box, single-serve, and PET keg, process modeling and optimization using advanced analytics, and provides consultation and testing for all of its packaging.  For more information about G3 Enterprises, visit: or call   1-800-321-8747.

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