DELLA TOFFOLA USA (Booth #1028) will feature the award-winning DELLA TOFFOLA CERAMIC MEMBRANE CROSSFLOW FILTER. This filter system continues to lead the way in innovative Crossflow Filtration with the use of durable ceramic membranes, resulting in automatic production cycles with low environmental impact. 

DELLA TOFFOLA provides complete, all-round systems for wineries: from sorting the grapes on arrival to bottling and packaging the wine. The local DELLA TOFFOLA USA team will be on hand to answer questions and share information on all their state-of-the-art winemaking technologies.

Amongst those technologies is their Biothermo Cooler system, which utilizes thermoflash technology, and is seeing increased demand as it provides winemakers with another tool to craft their style. Thermoflash can deliver greater and more stable wine color, remove vegetal or other unwanted grape aromas, lift overall fruit expression and generally open new avenues for making wine. Most wineries use it to help remove vegetal characteristics or help with color and tannin extraction, but new uses have been found such as barrel fermenting of reds, co-fermenting with traditional fruit or to mitigate unwanted aromas that you couldn’t previously remove, like smoke taint, for instance.

To find out more, stop by Booth #1028 or visit us online at

Della Toffola USA
UWGS Booth: 1028

DELLA TOFFOLA, in business since the 1960’s, designs and manufactures high-quality equipment for wine processing, filtration and packaging.  It’s success has led to exponential growth from it’s modest Italian roots to eight manufacturing plants and branch offices across six continents. DELLA TOFFOLA USA, based in Santa Rosa, California, opened it’s doors in 2009.

DELLA TOFFOLA has been responsible for introducing several innovations over the years including the first vertical stainless steel press, the central membrane press, their widely popular ceramic membrane filtration system and now the Biothermo Cooler Vinification System, their version of a Thermoflash.

For more information visit or call 707-544-5300.

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