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Most Read Wine Industry Advisor Stories of 2017

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Looking at the 15 most read Wine Industry Advisor articles from 2017 gives a little insight into some of the things there were on the minds of industry professionals in 2017. Three of the stories including the top one involve distribution problems faced especially by small producers. The legalization of cannabis and how it’s affecting wine was a hot topic particularly when it comes to impacting competition for labor. And of course new products from industry suppliers, packaging, and drinking trends continue to make the list.

  1. New Company Breaks Barriers to Distribution for Small Producers
  2. New Machine Uses Density to Meet Grape Sorting Challenges
  3. Free or Discounted Wine Tasting Options Vanishing in Sonoma County
  4. Mystery Shoppers Visit Pine Ridge Vineyards
  5. Increased Competition for Labor Leaves Wine Hanging
  6. U.S. Producers Betting on Rosé and Challenging French Dominance
  7. Who Loses in the Breakthru/RNDC Merger? Everyone
  8. French Wine Capitalizing on U.S. Drinking Trends
  9. Five New and Interesting Products from the Unified Trade Show
  10. What Cans Can Do for Wine
  11. A Pathway to Wholesale Success for the Small Producer
  12. It’s What’s in the Bottle That Counts … Or Is It?
  13. Selling Wine Through Facebook Requires the Tenacity for Testing of a Sadistic High School Geometry Teacher Giving Surprise Quizzes
  14. Wine Industry Daughters Celebrate Their Mothers
  15. A Foot in Two Industries: How Wine and Weed Cross-Pollinate


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