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Adelsheims Transition Ownership to Long-Time Partners


In Order to Remain Locally and Independently Owned, Founders David and Ginny Adelsheim  Sell Their Ownership to Lynn and Jack Loacker, Co-Owners Since 1994

Newberg, Oregon (July 24, 2017) – Adelsheim Vineyard announces today that Lynn and Jack Loacker have purchased the ownership of David and Ginny Adelsheim and are now 100% owners of the winery, started in 1971.

“Nearly 25 years ago, we made a commitment to Adelsheim Vineyard and became partners with David and Ginny. It’s a partnership we’ve enjoyed immensely. We all agree that keeping the winery in the hands of local owners should be the future for Adelsheim Vineyard. We thank David for his years of dedication and leadership. It is an honor for us to ensure that his vision and legacy continue.” – Lynn and Jack Loacker

Founder David Adelsheim recently transitioned all day-to-day operations, including vineyard and winery, finance, administration, marketing, and sales, to new CEO, Joth Ricci. David will continue an active role with the winery, focusing on large picture issues like the legacy of the winery, the role of the wine industry in Oregon, and expanding export sales.

“For 46 years, this industry has been my life. It is the fulfillment of a dream Ginny and I had when we were in our 20’s. I have to admit there is a bittersweetness to stepping away from ownership, but I am excited to be able to continue work in the areas that are critical to the winery and the state. Ginny and I are grateful to our long-time partners Lynn and Jack Loacker, who are committed to keeping Adelsheim independent and locally owned, and to our new CEO, Joth Ricci, who has an amazing set of business skills (that I never had) and will be able to lead the winery into an amazing future.”- David Adelsheim

About Adelsheim Vineyard

Adelsheim Vineyard was founded with an optimistic spirit and a lofty dream: to create world class wines in an undiscovered wine region, the Chehalem Mountains of Oregon. At our core is a desire to honor and be good stewards of our abundant land. This commitment, nearly 50 years strong, is reflected in our certified sustainable vineyards and wines. We’re proud of our role in Oregon’s wine history. And we are excited about Oregon’s wine future. That’s why each day we strive to create remarkable wines that connect wine lovers around the world to the spirit and beauty of Oregon. We open our doors 360 days per year to guests seeking a uniquely Oregon experience. Visit Adelsheim.com for more information.


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