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Ensure Good Fruit Set Even in Rainy Weather 


Now is the time to assure your vineyard receives the benefits Thermaculture provides. The weather patterns that are being forecasted well into April and May could create havoc during bloom. Guarantee good fruit set, increase your yields, and reduce pesticide needs, all while improving wine quality with our technology.

Stop by our booth to learn how Thermaculture can benefit your vineyard, then enter to win a magnum of wine and a Yeti cooler.

Agrothermal Systems
UWGS Booth D1

Agrothermal Systems has pioneered the use of Thermaculture, a new methodology for managing crops using heat with substantial, proven results. Our heat treatment is applied to plants through a tractor pulled machine at various stages throughout the growing cycle. Notable benefits include: increased yields, reduced pesticide needs, improved crop qualities and the ability to manage climatic challenges such as drying off crops after rains and adding sugar late in the season to reach target maturity.

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