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Featuring Award-Winning Ceramic Membrane Crossflow Filter


DELLA TOFFOLA (Booth #1227) will feature their award-winning CERAMIC MEMBRANE CROSSFLOW FILTER with local technicians from DELLA TOFFOLA USA on hand to share information on their large selection of quality, durable and innovative winemaking equipment. DELLA TOFFOLA offers a very wide selection of equipment that will take you from Crushing to Packaging and almost everything in between.

The DELLA TOFFOLA Crossflow Filters are leading the way in innovative Crossflow Filtration Systems with their use of durable ceramic membranes while also delivering automatic production cycles with low environmental impact.  The filters also permit the processing of products containing filtration aids, such as bentonite.

Ceramic membranes can filter any type of product and with the DELLA TOFFOLA OMNIA Crossflow model, filtration of high degrees of suspended solids can be accomplished to ensure better clarity, the maximum recovery of product (especially high value products), and keeps processing losses to a minimum.

In the case of the PNEUMATIC PRESS, as shown in image below, the innovative design features a central membrane technology for increased throughput and capacity plus their drums are made from stainless steel and perforated throughout to ensure the must can flow out freely.

UWGS Booth: 1227

The DELLA TOFFOLA legacy dates back to Italy in the 1960’s when the family began designing and manufacturing winemaking equipment. Success meant growth and the company expanded into the packaging, brewing/beverage and water treatment industries. Today, the company boasts eight manufacturing plants and eight branch offices located across six continents.

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