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Top Reasons to Visit the M. A. Silva Booth

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  1. Our full-service cork, glass & packaging solutions can save you time, money and ensure smooth bottling runs.
  2. Our bottles and corks are engineered for an ideal seal for both cork and screw cap bottles.
  3. Learn about the onebyonetm cork testing process, the latest innovation of M. A. Silva’s commitment to provide TCA free corks.
  4. Our product specialists will answer every question.

M. A. Silva USA
UWGS Booth: 1635

M.A. Silva is the leading and award-winning manufacturer of finest premium corks, glass and packaging for North American markets. Through our long term collaboration with cork growers in Portugal, our operations are 100% vertically integrated ensuring complete process control and certified quality from the harvest of the cork bark through the delivery of finished corks to our customers. Our glass is sourced from high quality manufacturers controlled 24/7 by M. A. Silva’s quality specialists. Proprietary molds guarantee consistent quality. We develop custom bottle molds and offer a wide range of packaging solutions. Both cork and glass product lines have a proven track record of impeccable quality, reliable delivery, and excellent customer service. The company is often recognized as the North American wine industry leader in both products. M. A. Silva provides the perfect winery solution for bottle and cork: Reliable. Perfect. Proven.

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