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Zipz Wine Unzipping the Potential of the Single Serve Market


One innovative idea can be the key to accessing new marketplaces and segments, but the technical challenges to implementing that idea can be daunting and getting large traditional wine companies to buy in a slow process. However Zipz Packaging Technologies is making it happen.

Zipz potential was first recognized with a record $2,500,000 investment by Kevin O’Leary on Shark Tank in 2014, and after partnering with G3 Enterprises to develop the next generation of high quality single serve packaging for the wine industry, Zipz was awarded a 2015 WINnovation Award.

“The wine industry doesn’t move very fast,” says Art Massolo President of Zipz Global, “it’s to be understood. We’ve created a disruptive addition to a very traditional alcohol world, and that’s going to take time. But this year has been quite a building block year, I would say that some of the top wine companies in the world are either testing or working together with us.”

G3 Zipz WINnovation Award

G3 Enterprises & Zipz with WINnovation Award at 2015 Wine Industry Awards reception (Art Massolo on the right).

There are currently several brands that have either entered or are entering the market in Zipz single serve containers. Many of them are focusing on on-premise venues and stadiums where it was previously difficult to deliver a quality wine experience, but Zipz’s single serve plastic containers have now made that possible.

Massolo recognizes that some supermarket groups are also increasing their single serve offerings, but he believes that Zipz delivers advantages for off-premise by providing a longer shelf life and better customer experience.

“It’s convenient to be able to drink out of a cup and feel comfortable with it,” says Massolo.

Twitter Zipz Beringer

Massolo credits Zipz’s partner, G3 Enterprises, for their technical expertise and quality control in making the Zipz containers superior to anything else in the single serve market.

“The G3 partnership has been fantastic,” says Massolo. “Because of G3 Enterprises and all the testing we’ve been doing over the past year and a half, Zipz minimum shelf life is 12 months fully tested, and it’s looking like it’s going to be even longer.”

Zipz developed the patented CleanWrap™ technology ensuring the lowest Total Package Oxygen possible and an advanced bottling line in Modesto to ensure that premium wines stay fresh in the eco-friendly PET container, and the Zipz product development continues to progress.

“We have developed glasses for sparkling wine and many types of mixed drinks, same technology, different shape,” says Massolo, “and we’re currently testing our carbonated cap, so we’ll be able to put sparkling wine level carbonation into any cup that we have.”

Massolo and Zipz are also looking beyond wine and America.

“We have interest in setting up bottling in Europe and Latin America and are pursuing Asia and Australia as well,” says Massolo. “And we’re working on a major project with one of the world’s biggest spirits companies to come out with the first single serve tumbler for mixed drinks, which should be launched in 2017.”

Nominations for the 2016 WINnovation Awards and the North Bay Business Journal’s Wine Industry Awards outstanding wine industry professionals and suppliers are open through October 17, 2016.

By Kim Badenfort

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