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G Ink Capabilities Showcased with Wintersun Labels and Capsules

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G3 Enterprises are continuing to develop their G Ink technologies and have displayed label and capsule designs utilizing the bichromic, thermochromic, and photochromic features of their inks at the Unified Wine and Grape Symposium for the last two years.

This year, G3 Enterprises partnered with Affinity Creative Group, a San Francisco Bay Area strategic branding and package design firm, to create a concept wine bottle from scratch. The agency then created new package designs that clearly demonstrate how G Ink can support and enhance a wine brand’s expression on the shelf and in the consumer’s home environment.

“We worked with G3 Enterprises as if they were one of our winery clients, engaging us to develop a new brand,” explained Ed Rice, Director of Strategy at Affinity Creative Group. “We collaborated closely with G3 Enterprises to generate a name that would sound like a real winery brand name, while also suggesting the various effects made possible by the different G-ink options. The Affinity design team then went to work, developing a series of wine package (the cap and label works together as a complete package) for the new Wintersun brand, that would be aesthetically pleasing, relevant to the category and provide a compelling showcase for G Ink capabilities.”

Wintersun G Ink 920

For example, the Wintersun Sauvignon Blanc package was designed to be printed with Thermochromic G Ink, which is temperature sensitive and changes color when the wine is chilled and ready to drink.

“We did extensive measurements on wine packaged in glass bottles,” said John Cunningham, Director of Innovation at G3 Enterprises, “to be certain that the label and wine temperatures are very closely aligned during the chilling process, allowing the thermochromic ink to accurately indicate when the wine is at the recommended temperature to consume.”

The Wintersun Rose package features photochromic ink and changes when exposed to UV or Sunlight, and the Wintersun Red Blend utilizes the bichromic G Ink, which shifts distinctly in color and hue, helping to catch the eye when the bottle is viewed from different angles on the shelf and in the hand.

“Our past G Ink designs were unconventional,” said Cunningham, “and we decided, this year, we would showcase our technology in a more subtle way, showing that it could be used to augment an established brand’s image.”

“Our goal in creating the Wintersun brand and packaging systems was to show designers, marketers and winery owners how G Ink may be integrated into their existing or new labels and capsules. We found that just subtle use of one or more of the ink effects could go a long way to enhance shelf appeal and attract consumer attention,” said Ed Rice. “In fact, one of our clients noticed the Wintersun bottles on display in our office, and asked us to explore using G inks on their project, to see if they might be a good fit for their brand.”

By Kim Badenfort

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