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Special Offers and New Criveller Equipment on Display at Unified


Criveller Group

Come meet Criveller Group at booth B1! We will be ready and waiting to answer any questions you may have about our winemaking equipment as well as show you some new pieces we have added to our inventory. At Unified we will be displaying our newest inventory addition: the Enoveneta Roller-Sorter. This new sorting unit removes foreign material out of your destemmed product easily and cost effectively. Also displayed will be an Enoveneta Top Series Destemmer/Crusher with a polyethylene cage, which is the most delicate option for your grapes; and an Automatic Filler/Corker designed for the small winery, starting at $33K. Also, do not miss out on our other Unified special offers!

Criveller Group
Criveller LOGOUWGS Booth: B1

When it comes to winery equipment, we are a one-stop shop. From destemmers to filtration, we can help set up an entire operation or help you find individual pieces of equipment. Our dedication to quality products and service will guarantee that you will get the best equipment at the best price to fit perfectly with your winery. www.criveller.com



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