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Afternoon Brief, March 17


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French Wine Militia Renews Attacks
Militant winemakers in the south of France appear to have been involved in the destruction of two telephone exchanges near the city of Toulouse…

Today’s News

How to Repurpose Every Piece of Content You Produce and Make Your Marketing Budget Stretch Further
One way to do this is to repurpose each piece of content you produce and make it work for other components in your overall marketing strategy. Let me explain…

Spain’s Pivotal Role in Future of European Union Wine Sector
Rabobank has published a new report looking at the Spanish wine industry, and exploring two possible strategies for growth and internationalization of the Spanish wine sector…

Wine Chemical an Alternative to Chemotherapy?
A new report published by scientists at the Dalian Medical University in China suggests that a natural phenol credited…

California soil toxins worsened by drought

U.S. crop insurance reformers fume as farmers sign up for 2014

Winery group creates Oregon winemaker trading cards

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam Expected to Sign Wine-In-Grocery Bill

California Bill would allow students to taste wine

Has Ukraine lost its most significant wine-producing region? Quite possibly.

Record wine sales from New Hampshire Liquor’s web ordering

Michigan Bars get Ready to Welcome ‘BYO Wine’ Business Under New Law

Sonoma County Winegrowers & California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance Host Workshop

Can New Zealand Avoid Another Wine Glut?

Global sales of Bordeaux wine slipped last year, as exports to the crucial Chinese market fell by 16%


Tragon’s new closures report, transparency, and the marketing vs. science clash

4 Reasons to Develop Your Wine Ratings

Tweeting up Wine With the Whole Foods Wine Guys

What Percent of Tasting Room Visitors Buy Nothing?

Washington’s wine industry must keep growing

Ancient wine is the accidental liquid of choice

Random chance as an influence in brand building

Taking a page from California’s wine history

Are we too balkanized to solve our water problems?

How to Go Wine Tasting Without Being Annoying

Fortunes of the Drink Giants, and the Countries Where They Seek Those Fortunes

Has Tom Stevenson Written the World’s Most Useful Wine Buying Guide?

Taking Boxed Wine Seriously: It’s Not Just for Hobos and Teenagers Anymore

Reduction: The modern curse of the wine industry

How come the Chinese don’t love California wine the way they love French wine?

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