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Afternoon Brief, Mar. 10


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Adapted Space Technology Promises Huge Benefits for Wineries and Breweries
Advanced bio-technology can significantly reduce the cost of water treatment for wineries and make them more sustainable by reducing their energy consumption…

Today’s News

Global Prosecco Sales Overtake Champagne
According to figures released by the Italian Sparkling Wine Observatory (OVSE) last Friday, Prosecco sales edged ahead of Champagne…

When Buying U.S. Wine, Europeans Are Cheapskates
Despite some Americans being willing to spend more than $1000 on a single bottle of Napa Cabernet, Europeans are happier…

American Canyon giant wine warehouses start
Construction started last week on the latest new wine warehousing project in Napa Valley, two buildings totaling 287,000 square feet in American Canyon…

More Uncorked and Women of the Vine Announce Partnership with the Global Wine Company

First Rosé Champagne? Older Than You Think

Truett-Hurst shifts to new Paper Boy ‘bottle’ supplier

Jackson Family Wines Hires Steve Heimoff As Communications & Content Expert

India likely to consume 2.1 million cases of wine by 2017

Modesto-area wine grape growers brace for drought

Washington Grape growers’ convention breaks records

British Columbia government announces grocery store wine sales

Birth of a Next-Wave Wine Salesman

Proposed Paso Robles water district hits obstacle in Sacramento

San Francisco viticulturists take urban winemaking to new level by growing grapes in the city


Eastern Winery Exposition- A Reflection of Economic Stimulus of Northeastern Wineries

Why French Wine Will Never Be as Interesting as American Wine

Emphasize Quality Over Deals in Wine Marketing

In Praise of the Unobtainable, Why rare wines are essential

Cheap wine costs us all

Oxygen’s Role in Aging Wine: Nomacorc – Part II – Oxygen Management

Defining terroir, it’s a science not a myth

The Future of Millennial Drinking is the Box

Which states drink the most wine?

Is Tax and Trade Bureau Next? FDA’s New Proposed Nutrition Label and its Effects on Alcohol Beverages

Tasting Biodynamically

Mindfulness, microbes, and manure: Making biodynamic wine in Central Otago New Zealand

Special Report: Wine closures

Is Napa cabernet sauvignon worth its price tag?

Winery PR and social media: Make the product cool, and make stars of the everyday people who drink it

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