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Afternoon Brief, Feb 24


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Sonoma County expected to declare drought emergency
Sonoma County Supervisors are expected to declare a drought emergency Tuesday, a move designed to make the county eligible…

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Drinking When Pregnant Could Be a Crime
The case will argue that a six-year-old girl is the victim of a crime because she suffered brain damage when exposed to alcohol in the womb…

Reasons to invest in or upgrade your brand identity
A strong brand identity presents any company regardless of size with a recognizable image that can help to position it for success…

Environmentalists’ warning irks grape growers In California
North Coast grape growers are weeks away from having to make crucial decisions about how much water to use for frost protection, but already are facing what is widely interpreted as a threat of being sued by environmental groups over potential harm to fish habitats…

North Coast Environmental Groups Issue Warning that Frost Protection Activities May Violate the Endangered Species Act

Red Wine Found To Stop Lung Cancer Growth

Water allocation for most drought-stricken California farms to end

French biodynamic winemaker faces fine for not spraying vines

Premiere Napa Valley Auction Raises Record-Breaking $6M

New York Wine and grape impact in 2012? $4.8 billion

The drying of the West

France sees EU-China deal over wine trade dispute

China’s wine sales fall, dealers still upbeat

Gail Kerr: The long road to wine in grocery stores in Tennessee

Actor Kurt Russell brings his wine to Los Alamos saloon


Robert Parker Faces His Toughest Critics: Wine Writers

Shopping carts impact e-commerce user experience

Memo From American Sommelier Certification: Paper Thin

SVB’s State Of The Wine Industry 2014 Report Makes Us Look Like Geniuses

The Rise of Synthethic Corks: Nomacorc – Part I – The Plant Tour

What’s in Your Wine?

Robert Parker on The Road to Shanghai

American Wine Consumer Coalition – Wineries, are you paying attention?

What drives wine drinkers? Price, of course

Is China Making a Step Forward in Wine Trademark Law?

Australian Additive-free wine: a topical drop

California has failed miserably regarding inability to make good law relative to the competing needs for water

Coming Soon To A Wine Near You: Ancient Amphorae

A fine line on wine: Bad bill would send more shoppers to New Jersey

A Day at the Fair- The 2014 Unified Symposium

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