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Washington State’s Small Retailers Seek Redress Against Pricing Pressure By Big Chains
Washington state lawmakers are exploring potential remedies to the rising outrage of small, independent spirits retailers who are being squeezed out of the newly privatized market by larger chain operators, according to Washington State Wire…

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Commandaria: The oldest wine in the world?
Cyprus is known for its sunshine, its ancient ruins and its delicious halloumi cheese, but one thing that is less well known is that it is also home to the oldest named wine in the world…

Southern Oregon winemakers warm up to worrisome 2013 vintage
Southern Oregon vintners wouldn’t want to relive those rainy weeks of this years harvest, as climatologist Greg Jones described in his recent report, but winemakers seem pleased with whats in the barrel from the 2013 vintage…

Can a Glass of Wine a Day Keep the Doctor Away?
A research team led by an immunologist at the University of California, Riverside now has data that could put the question to rest.  The researchers found that moderate alcohol consumption could bolster our immune system, and potentially our ability to fight infections…

Allergens in wine: Protein fining agents identified

Five key lessons to be learnt from Wine Vision

Tickets go on sale for Wine Symposium of the Finger Lakes

The Science of Bubbles

Virginia wine heritage center under consideration

‘Sub 10.5% ABV wines can Rule Britannia!’: New Zealand government

Wine & Spirit Suppliers to Arkansas Must Register Products by End of Year

Constellation Takes the Stress Out of Choosing Wines for the Holidays with Industry-First Mobile App Features

Georgia Doubles Wine Exports as Russian Market Reopens

Australian winemakers reeling under supermarket domination


The Effect of Culture and Expertise on Perceived Wine Quality: A Case Study with French and Spanish Red Wines

4 tips for an effective e-commerce strategy

Wine Label Requirements: Essentials For Your COLA Process

The Narrow Window Through Which A Wine’s Back Label Wiggles

More Thoughts on Terroir

Wild yeast fermentation – true or false?

What Rudi taught us: The producer-critic complex, and never taking a wine for granted

How to pitch to a sommelier

Hispanic consumers represent growing market for wine

How Much Is your Winery Worth?

The art of the blend: What I won’t be telling the Unified Grape & Wine Symposium

Grape Collective: Taking Wine Online

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Research Suggests Wine Increases Fertility in Men

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