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Wine M&A momentum set to continue in 2014
There have been few years in recent memory as ripe for merger-and-acquisition activity as 2013 in the wine industry, particularly on the North Coast. A perceived shortfall in grape supply, easing credit terms and favorable wine consumption trends in the U.S. set the stage for a strong year…

Today’s News

How Internet Marketers Retain Club Members … And How Wineries Can, Too
What is a customer saying when they sign up for a club membership? What do they really want? Its not just your wine…

Family farms vital to Sonoma County wine industry
On a hillside vineyard in Dry Creek Valley, Rich Mounts maneuvered a tractor through the rows, hauling a few bins of lush zinfandel grapes that had just been plucked from the vine…

A New Entry in the “Which is Greener Debate:” How Does Nomacorc Rank?
A little over two years ago, I wrote a piece for Palate Press entitled Screw cap vs. Cork: Which is Greener? in which I compared what we know about the environmental impact of natural cork versus aluminum screw caps…

Farm Bill/Budget Update

New research suggests wine vs. beer thinking outdated

Vineyard owners shape environmental policy

Regulators get closer to rules for ‘crowdfunding’

Big players dominate Sonoma County vineyard holdings

SB County wine industry highlights of 2013

2013 North Coast Wine Industry Awards winner profiles

Bordeaux en primeur buyers fear being priced out


As e-commerce sales rise, personalized wine marketing is key

“Move over, Resveratrol!”: Procyanidins (B2G2) in Grape Seed Extract May Protect Against Prostate Cancer

Wine on tap: an idea whose time has (finally) come

Economist Report: Bacchus to the Future?

Paperboy: An exciting paper bottle filled with boring wine

How Scratch and Sniff wine soared to the NYT bestseller list

From that Winery P.R. Class at U.C. Davis: a few of my remarks

Wine clubs offer more than convenience

Talking With The New California Wine’s Jon Bonné About the California Wine Revolution

Having a terrific story behind your product service or resume makes it stand out

Kind of a big deal… (Colorado wins fifth Jefferson Cup)

Grape varieties and the diversity of wine

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Dr. Steve Brule, For Your Wine

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