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Sequencing study lifts veil on wine’s microbial terroir
Its widely accepted that terroir the unique blend of a vineyards soils, water and climate sculpts the flavor and quality of wine. Now a new study led by UC Davis researchers offers evidence that grapes and the wines they produce are also the product of an unseen but fairly predictable microbial terroir, itself shaped by the climate and geography of the region, vineyard and even individual vine…

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Toppled Treasury Wine Estates CEO warns: ‘World’s leading wine brands too weak’
Former Treasury Wine Estates boss David Dearie warns that Australian retailers Coles and Woolworths are turning the screw on the nations wine producers and insists the latter must consolidate to survive…

Chemical in Wine May Improve Mesothelioma Treatment
There’s new evidence that a compound found in red wine may help improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy treatment for malignant pleural mesothelioma…

How the Coravin is Changing the New York Wine Scene
Looking at 2013 as it draws to a close, the year hasn’t so much brought big changes from wine lists featuring new regions or styles of wine, as it has been notable for the introduction of the Coravin…

NJ Assembly Committee Advances Bill To Create Wine Board

Why China may solve not cause the global wine shortage

Rhone reaps benefits of med climate

Connecticut Wine Businesses Toast Rise In Popularity

Kickstarter campaign hopes to create winemaking industry in Northern Nevada

Instant Collection of Opus One Sold For $165,000

Climate’s impact on wine grapes under study

Hennessy wins Chinese trademark case


The Man Behind The Judgment of Paris

White’s Wine: Kermit Lynch’s journey of wine discovery

Christian Moueix – A Tale of Two Terroirs – Encore!

Peter Mondavi Turns 99

Author hits the WineTrails again for new Washington guidebook

Wine Communicator Award winners revealed

Greg Jones Turns Up The Heat on Wine & Climate Change

Yao Ming stays busy in retirement with college, winemaking and owning the Shanghai Sharks

Sonoma winemaker takes jerky from gas stations to wine tastings

Richard Betts Will Democratize Wine

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A Thrilling Night Harvest

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