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Afternoon Brief, April 18

Bordeaux Fire Destroys $13 Million Worth of Wine in France: Fans of Bordeaux have plenty of reason to whine this week. A blaze at a warehouse in the vaunted wine-making region in South West France incinerated $12.9 million worth of vino on Tuesday afternoon...

Afternoon Brief, October 1

Michigan’s Protectionist Wine Shipping Ban Ruled Unconstitutional by Federal Court: On Friday the United States District Court Eastern District of Michigan ruled Michigan's discriminatory ban on wine shipments from out-of-state retailers is unconstitutional and enjoined Michigan from enforcing the ban on out of state retailer shipping...

Afternoon Brief, September 21

A Clash Between Cotton and Cabernet? : The Texas High Plains has the potential to be a grape grower's paradise. This plateau near the New Mexico border is now home to nearly 5,000 acres planted to wine grapes...

Afternoon Brief, September 17

Consumers Trade Up, U.S. Wine Sales Rise 3%: Domestic wines gained ground in August, with Cabernet Sauvignon leading the way through both off-premise and direct-to-consumer channels. U.S. wine sales totaled $3.6 billion in August, up 3% from a year earlier according to market research...

Afternoon Brief: May 11

Napa Wine Auction Goes for the Bling Factor: Auction Napa Valley has thousands of special bottles of wine on offer, but the industry's biggest fundraising event hasn't really been about the wine for years...

Afternoon Brief, May 19

Wine makers fight off casino plan in California: The threat of a Las Vegas-style casino opening in the lush fields of Californias Napa Valley is rousing the makers of some of the worlds most celebrated wines into a pitched community fight...

Afternoon Brief, Mar. 10

Trending Story: Adapted Space Technology Promises Huge Benefits for Wineries and Breweries Advanced bio-technology can significantly reduce the cost of water treatment for wineries and make...
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