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Josetta Saffirio Presents the Rebranding Born from the Alliance Between Sara Vezza and Renzo Rosso


The new labels encapsulate the values of a wine project devoted to the environment, sustainability and well-being as the new frontier of personal luxury

Castelletto di Monforte d’Alba (CN), 28th May 2024 – A love of great wines, a passion for the finest viticulture, respect for the environment and the shared ambition to take on new challenges in the name of sustainability come together perfectly in the partnership created in 2023 between the Brave Wine holding company conceived by entrepreneur Renzo Rosso and Sara Vezza. A union celebrated with the decision to carry out an extensive rebranding of the historical Josetta Saffirio label, as a symbol of the new, shared winemaking project.

“We have decided to use the Wild Orchid of the Langhe on the labels of the Josetta Saffirio wines” says Sara Vezza “a native flower, chosen as the symbol of the roots that run deep in the area of origin, interpreting a new idea of luxury, where quality of life, in a healthy, inclusive and authentic environment reaches its most complete expression”.

The orchid is the oldest flower in nature, a plant which has evolved to become an epiphyte, to overcome the limits of space. There are over 30 thousand species, each of which is linked to specific pollinators and mycorrhizae of the soil, with which it lives in symbiosis. This makes it an indicator of health and biodiversity, and it is extremely sensitive to environmental change. In hilly landscapes, which have become particularly fragile due to the abandonment of the practices traditionally implemented to care for the environment, the life of wild orchids is sorely challenged and even compromised. It is precisely this that triggered Sara Vezza’s desire to become a guardian of the Langhe and, together with Renzo Rosso’s marked sensitivity towards sustainability, led to the shared decision to make a daily commitment, pursued through tangible actions to improve the environment in ecological, social and economic terms. “Sustainability is a key asset for companies, which have a tremendous responsibility towards the environment, and which must invest today to repair the damage done yesterday” says Renzo Rosso. “It is a long-term investment, a commitment to the new generations and the environment, but also the only choice we have in order to continue doing business tomorrow”.

A commitment to the environment and a new concept of luxury consisting of well-being. This is what can be found in every bottle of Josetta Saffirio wine today. The brand consists of a range of Langa wines, Barolo Docg, Barbera D’Alba Doc Superiore, Langhe Doc Nebbiolo, Langhe Doc Rossese Bianco and Langhe Doc Rosato, along with a selection of Barolo Docg crus (Bussia, Castelletto Persiera, Perno, Ravera) and Barolo Docg Castelletto Riserva.

Agricola Sara Vezza is a company that is able to boast over two centuries of winemaking tradition in Monforte d’Alba. Established by Ernesto Saffirio, the legacy was passed on to his daughter Josetta and today to his granddaughter Sara Vezza, an entrepreneur who has embraced this legacy, first converting the winery to organic farming and now taking it to Biodiversity Friend certification. Commitment to concrete sustainability and the reduction of environmental impact are the distinguishing qualities of this winery which looks bravely to the future while staying true to its roots.