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Baron Philippe de Rothschild SA Appoints Turquoise Life as Its New Importer of Mouton Cadet in the USA


Pauillac (France), 15th of February – Baron Philippe de Rothschild is pleased to announce the appointment of Turquoise Life for the USA importation of Mouton Cadet, the famous Bordeaux wine brand. Effective January 2024, this collaboration marks a significant milestone in bringing the iconic Mouton Cadet wines to a broader audience.

Baron Philippe de Rothschild created Mouton Cadet in 1930 with the ambition to bring the
richness of the prestigious Bordeaux terroir to a wider audience. The brand has since become a symbol of the Bordeaux wine region. Over 90 years, Mouton Cadet has demonstrated mastery of the trademark Bordeaux art of blending, with the primary objective of obtaining the best expression of terroirs and grape varieties. Mouton Cadet also owes its quality to its community of winegrowers and its seven winemakers, who work hand in hand from pruning the vines to the end of the vinification process to offer a wine that expresses all the richness of the Bordeaux terroirs.

“In the 1960s Mouton Cadet met American consumers for the first time so it’s a long story
USA is and will remain a strategic market We’re very excited about the potential of this great collaboration and look forward to Turquoise’s expertise in establishing Mouton Cadet as a key player in the US market says Philippe Sereys de Rothschild, Chairman and CEO of Baron Philippe de Rothschild SA.

Véronique Hombroekx, Managing Director Branded Wine Division of Baron Philippe de
Rothschild SA adds “We are proud to be entering into this new partnership with Turquoise
Life Together, we dare to invite consumers to discover a new Mouton Cadet signature,
including an innovative collection of 100% organic wines, reinterpreting Bordeaux style, with freshness and fruitiness.”

As quoted by Tunch Doker, President of Turquoise Life, “My team and I are incredibly thrilled to embark on this distinct journey of guiding the esteemed Mouton Cadet brand in an innovative and dynamic direction, while honoring and respecting the heritage and roots of the brand’s rich history.”

About Baron Philippe de Rothschild

Baron Philippe de Rothschild SA, headed by Chairman and CEO Philippe Sereys de Rothschild, has two distinct lines of business, Châteaux Wines and Branded Wines, united in the same pursuit of excellence. The company manages three classified growths in the Pauillac appellation, including the illustrious Château Mouton Rothschild. It also produces and sells a range of high quality branded wines which it sources from various winegrowers then blends, matures and bottles itself, foremost among them the famous Mouton Cadet.

About Turquoise Life

Established in 2010, Turquoise Life Beverage Brands represents a distinguished portfolio of leading wine and spirit brands from around the world. Guided by a core business model of building and cultivating brands with a keen focus on environmental responsibility, Turquoise Life continues to shape trends within the wine and spirits industry that resonate with consumers in a meaningful way.



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