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Worldwide Libations Named New Exclusive USA Importer of Seifried Estate Winery from Nelson, New Zealand


The Largest Family Owned and Operated Winery in Nelson NZ Aims to Grow Its Sustainable Brand in the U.S. Market

August 1, 2023; Lyndhurst, NJ; Worldwide Libations announced today a new  partnership with Seifried Estate Winery of Nelson, New Zealand to grow the market  penetration across the U.S. with their critically acclaimed wines. The portfolio offers  exceptional quality sustainably accredited, estate grown and bottled New Zealand  wines. 

The Seifried family’s winemaking story begins in 1973, when Austrian born Hermann  Seifried and his New Zealand wife Agnes, were the first to plant near Nelson, on the  northern shores of New Zealand’s South Island. In 1976 they made their first wine,  and today, fifty years since it all began, the family business includes the second  generation, Heidi, Chris and Anna, all involved in the daily operations of the winery.  

Seifried Estate was an early adopter of ‘Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand’  auditing both vineyards and winery since the mid 90’s. The family farms over 800  acres across ten sustainably accredited vineyards scattered throughout the Nelson  region, with their wines being distributed in 25 countries around the globe.  

The range consists of two distinct styles of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir from the  family’s Seifried and Old Coach Road wine brands. All the wines are available in 750ml  format. Old Coach Road Sauvignon Blanc and Old Coach Road Pinot Noir will retail  for $15 and $20 respectively; The Seifried Sauvignon Blanc for $20 and Seifried Pinot  Noir for $25. 

With New Zealand wine exports to the US reaching record highs, the interest and  excitement for New Zealand wine has never been stronger.

Worldwide Libations, LLC is a full-service national importer of fine wines and boutique spirits from around the world and pledges to deliver a high value to its suppliers, industry partners and consumers with unique and high-quality products.  

For more information Seifried Estate and the portfolio of wines, please see  www.seifried.co.nz or www.worldwidelibations.com.  



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