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Oregon’s Appassionata Estate Joins la Place de Bordeaux


Ernst Loosen’s Willamette Valley Wine Will Now Be Sold on the Historic Sales Network

Bordeaux, France, June 20, 2023 – Appassionata Estate, the Oregon winery owned by internationally renowned German winemaker Ernst “Erni” Loosen, will entrust the exclusive distribution of the debut release of its 2012 “Fortissimo” Pinot Noir to La Place de Bordeaux. Appassionata will be featured in the September 2023 Beyond Bordeaux release through the acclaimed Bordeaux Negociant, CVBG.

As Oregon’s only Pinot Noir to be aged for a minimum of 10 years before it is released, the Fortissimo Pinot Noir is crafted for its longevity and expressiveness. It represents the pinnacle of Erni’s vision for what Pinot Noir in Oregon can be. Inspired by the three movements of Beethoven’s “Appassionata” Piano Sonata, the winery crafts three Pinot Noirs — Allegro, Andante and Fortissimo — which are released at different stages of their development, but are thematically intertwined to express the distinctive character of the Willamette Valley.

“Fortissimo epitomizes what we are seeking in Willamette Valley Pinot Noir; it’s a wine that combines brooding intensity with lilting grace and can stand alongside the classic wines of the world for generations to come,” Erni says. “We are thrilled to have this wine released through La Place to showcase Oregon’s potential to produce wines of exceptional quality and extraordinary ageability for wine lovers and collectors worldwide.”

Pursuing his lifelong passion for Pinot Noir, Erni launched Appassionata as a limited, high-end Pinot Noir in collaboration with J. Christopher Wines in 2005. He then realized his dream of establishing a European-style family estate in the Willamette Valley when he purchased 40 acres in the Chehalem Mountains, planting a vineyard and building a winery.

Appassionata will join an exclusive group of international wineries that have been selected for distribution in the highly specialized ‘Beyond Bordeaux’ category of the famed Négociant network. The distribution of Fortissimo will rely on the expertise and knowledge of one of the oldest and most respected négociants, CVBG, which will commercialize this remarkable wine in the most prominent markets around the world.

Matthieu Chardronnier, CEO of CVBG, states, “Over the years, La Place de Bordeaux has become the distribution epicenter of the best wines in the world, be they from Bordeaux, or Beyond. Our clients are looking for wines with the highest track record for quality and prestige. They are looking for wines that have contributed to elevating their regions of origin.

“Erni Loosen is a world-famous Riesling Legend, yet while pursuing his passion for Pinot Noir, he has made an impact on the Oregon landscape. In his quest to create a great thought-provoking, classically crafted Pinot Noir, he was also willing to invest the most precious resource of all: time, as time is indeed the ultimate revelator of terroir. We are excited and proud to bring this remarkable wine to the world, now that it has achieved the 10 year aging mark, and has been deemed ready by Erni himself.”

Emma Thienpont, co-director at International First Growths, who facilitates the partnership between producers and negociants, commented, “Erni is an adventurous global winemaker, demonstrating his profound and storied expertise in Oregon through Appassionata. His vision for the estate, singular focus on ageability, and the premium quality of his wine make Fortissimo a welcomed addition to La Place’s international offerings. A wine that is a true testament to the potential of Oregon as a world class wine producing region, holding its own in the global world of fine wine.”

Appassionata’s 2012 Pinot Noir Fortissimo will be released on La Place de Bordeaux in September 2023 and can be purchased from selected wine merchants worldwide.

About Appassionata Estate

Appassionata Estate is the realization of renowned German winemaker Ernst Loosen’s long-term vision of establishing a world class European-style wine estate in Oregon, dedicated to crafting wines of extraordinary ageability that express the true character of the Willamette Valley. Located on the slopes of the Chehalem Mountains, the estate is the culmination of more than two decades of development that began with a single limited-production Pinot Noir bottling in 2005. Today, Appassionata offers three Pinot Noirs of varying age, a barrel-fermented Chardonnay, a Sauvignon Blanc produced in acacia barrels, and a dry Riesling made in the German Grosses Gewächs (GG) style. Guided by Erni’s belief that the true character and complexity of a wine doesn’t emerge until it has developed maturity, Appassionata holds its wines for 10 years or more, ensuring they are ready to enjoy upon release.

For more information, please visit https://appassionataestate.com/

International First Growths

Working with highly reputable winemakers around the world, International First Growths aims to help promote and sell their wine via La Place de Bordeaux distribution system – the oldest and most developed trading platform in the world.



CVBG is a historically respected fine wine merchant on the Place de Bordeaux, whose approach is centered on a modern vision of the very concept of Fine Wine. Thanks to strong, considerate relationships with the wineries, CVBG’s clients benefit from an extensive selection of fine wines from Bordeaux and beyond.



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