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Dry Farm Wines Presents Botanical-Infused Natural Wine Brand ‘Bolixir’


The World’s Premier Natural Wine Company Releases a New, Lower-Alcohol Infusion with Wild Botanicals

NAPA VALLEY – July 26, 2021 – Dry Farm Wines, the largest buyer and seller of pure Natural Wine in the world, announces today the launch of botanical-infused Natural Wine brand, bolixir.

The limited, first edition collection features four pure Natural Wines infused with wild, functional botanicals for an unparalleled experience of unique flavors:

  • Dandelion White, a Natural white wine infused with organic mint, dandelion, nettle, and hops
  • Lavender Red, a Natural red wine infused with organic lavender, rose, and nettle
  • Elderflower Bubbles, a Natural sparkling white wine infused with organic elderflower
  • Rose Blossom Bubbles, a Natural sparkling rosé infused with organic rose blossom

With lower alcohol levels than most wine-based products, at 6-9% ABV, bolixir is a great option for daytime or evening consumption and all moods and occasions – picnics with friends, a reflective nightcap, or even as a complement to a special dinner.

As someone who cares deeply about the health of my body & mind, and the health of the planet, I am so grateful to share bolixir with the world. There has never been a drink quite as revolutionary as this. – Todd White, Founder, Dry Farm Wines & bolixir

As with Dry Farm Wines’ rotating selections, bolixir provides a transparency that is rarely found in the commercial wine industry. Each bolixir infusion has been lab-tested by an independent enologist and is guaranteed to meet strict criteria of healthful and functional botanicals, organic/biodynamic farming practices, sugar-free (less than 1g/L), lower alcohol levels (between 6 and 9% ABV), no industrial additives, lab-tested for purity, vegan, keto-friendly and paleo-friendly.

Just as with Dry Farm Wines, the bolixir mission is centered around health and biodiversity. bolixir has been thoughtfully sourced from a small family farm in Austria, led by woman grower Julie-Ann Hoch.

Available as a one-time box purchase and priced at $117 for the full offering (4 bottles) and $162 for a combination of 6, this limited edition bolixir is available online at www.bolixir.com.


Launched in 2015 by Founder and entrepreneur Todd White, Dry Farm Wines is the largest buyer and seller of pure Natural Wine in the world, sourcing exclusively from small, family-owned and organic vineyards across Europe, South Africa and South America. Every bottle has been lab tested by an independent, certified enologist to ensure it meets Dry Farm Wines’ strict criteria including organic/biodynamic farming practices, lower alcohol levels, no sugar and most importantly, delicious taste.

www.dryfarmwines.com | @dryfarmwines

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