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Three Coopers That Constantly Improve the Quality of Their Products


Please Visit Us at Booth 625 in the Hall of Flowers Building.

  • Wine tasting from 11am to 3pm: Californian and French Wines.
  • Tonnellerie Sylvain, Tonnellerie Meyrieux and Foudrerie Marc Grenier information.
  • Marc Grenier 12 HL oval cask in presentation.

All the Famille Sylvain team look forward to meet you and answer all of your question about our three brands. They will provide you any technical information about our barrels, puncheons, casks and vats.

Famille Sylvain
WIN Expo Booth: 625

“Famille Sylvain” brand encompasses Tonnellerie Sylvain, Tonnellerie Meyrieux cooperages as well as the Foudrerie Marc Grenier under one name.
These three companies are motivated to constantly improve the quality of their products by adapting new methods of manufacturing.

Tonnellerie Sylvain is located near Saint-Emilion and makes 100%-French oak barrels. The cooperage has been a family business for over 3 generations. They guarantee the quality of the raw material by controlling each step of its production from origin to final product. Between tradition and innovation; they offer an adapted product range to meet needs of  wine¬makers from all over the world. With an annual production of around 30,000 barrels; Tonnellerie Sylvain exports about 70% of its production overseas and is known to be one of the leaders of the market.

Tonnellerie Meyrieux joined Famille Sylvain in 2010. This cooperage is located in Burgundy and produces barrels from 114 L feuillette to 600 L puncheons. The production process is traditional and based on a unique wood aging. This provides a natural and uniform drying in the open air due to a “chimney” style stacking. The toasting, carried out on a bed of coals with an open flame, is traditionally slow and penetrates to reveal the subtle aromas of wood. Tonnellerie Meyrieux produces around 6,000 barrels per year and aims to become one of the leading cooperages in Burgundy.

Foudrerie Marc Grenier integrated Famille Sylvain in 2015 with Rémi Sylvain as General Manager. It produces artisanal and custom-manufactured casks (8 to 60 HL) and vats (8 to 75 HL). The oak comes from prestigious French forests and is naturally and exclusively air dried for 4 years. 80% of the work is carried out manually, using inherited techniques, with this they guarantee product quality, precision and excellent finishing. The casks and vats of Foudrerie Marc Grenier are in the finest cellars in France and around the world in over 18 countries.

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