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Actor Massimo Dobrovic Brings Family Line of Custom Wines from Istria to U.S. & Beyond

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Actor Massimo Dobrovic comes from a wine-producing family in Istria. Born into an Italian family in Croatia, a national minority in Croatia called Istrian-Italians, he is now bringing the family line of custom wines from Istria to the United States and the rest of the world. There are three flavors of wines and they will be available at stores, restaurants and hotels beginning in the fall of 2019.

Istria has indigenous grapes and the production of unique wines varietals such as Terrano, Malvasia and Moscato have grown immensely within the last couple of years. This will be the first year that Massimo is able to bring his family’s wines to the U.S. and the rest of the world.

Massimo Wines is presenting three wine flavors which include:

  1. Malvasia (White: 2017) wine is a straw-yellow color with greenish reflections. It’s scent is typical of such varietal, extraordinarily balanced between fruity and flowery, with distinct scents of black locust, elder and grapefruit making it fruity. It has a certain salty note and bitterness. which carries the trademark “Istrian Quality” since 2005, which is a trademark that is given out only to the most prestigious wines in the Northern Adriatic region of Istria that meets impeccable standards, according to the European Union.
  2. Terrano (Red: 2016) wine is ruby red in color, with purple reflections. It comes from an old indigenous Istrian grape with a scent of wild berries and violet. This is a dry red wine that is fresh and filled with tannin, which is characteristic for Terrano Istriano. It’s the only wine in the world that was given permission to carry its name from the homonymous term in wine-terminology “terroir” which in French means: terrain, land. The term stands for a wine that is unique, incapable of being reproduced outside of Istria, even if the grape variety and winemaking techniques are painstakingly duplicated. The most important aspect of a “terroir-Terrano Istriano wine” are: climate, soil type,and geomorphology.
  3. Moscato (White: 2017) wine is a crystal straw-yellow color. It has prevalent seductive aromas of fine fruit and meadow flowers mixed with a mild sweet aroma of black locust. It is the perfect dessert wine derived from the Northern Adriatic Region of Istria.

I feel so passionate about representing my family and minority origins by bringing these wines to the U.S. and worldwide,” said Massimo Dobrovic.

Massimo Wines range in price from $45-$50 and will perfectly compliment elegant meals.

About Massimo Wines

Founded in 1952, Massimo Wines comes from a family-owned winery in Istria growing four sorts of grapes for wine that include Malvasia, Terrano, Merlot and Moscato. With the coming of the new millennium, Massimo Wines has improved and modernized winemaking, making sure that the family tradition and ecological farming is still the number one priority so that the famous quality would not be lost. Wines mature in inox barrels, and the finest examples of Malvasia and Terrano in barrique barrels. Order at http://massimo-wines.com

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