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Equine and Wines to Break Ground on March 22


A Team of World-Class Viticulturalists and Winemakers Break Ground on 21,000 Acre Cowan Ranch 

On Friday, March 22, 2019 at 4 p.m., Equine and Wines will celebrate the opening of their vineyard co-operative. We will also be celebrating the birthday of Founder and CEO Tom Heshion. This unique idea, which includes thousands of acres of vineyards, will allow investors from all around the world to own a vineyard in Cochise County while Equine and Wines does all the work. This public event will take place in Tombstone, Arizona at the Main Gate of the property, which is located at the 6 1/2 mile marker on Davis Road.

The sun sets over Tombstone, Arizona and the stunning Cochise County Mountains.

The ceremony is open to everyone who has ever dreamed of owning their own vineyard to rival Napa Valley, particularly those who are a part of Arizona’s wine, equine, or real estate communities.

“It is a beautiful part of this area; it’s part of the old Cowan ranch,” said Dusty Escapule, Mayor of Tombstone. “When Tom first approached me about the idea of putting in a vineyard, I thought it was an excellent idea. I think another industry in Tombstone would be a great thing.”

E&W has already proven their commitment to hiring local subcontractors and employees. Tombstone resident Jack Feather has been selected as the project manager and has specific instructions from the founder, Tom Heshion to offer all jobs to local residents first, before searching outside of Cochise County. 95 percent of the land will remain the cattle operation of Tombstone Cattle Company, run by local ranchers, JC Young and Ryan Else.

People who desire to stake their claim on a plot of land from Equine and Wines will have the opportunity to tour the 21,000 acres of pastoral scenery. An understanding of business or the craft of winemaking is not needed to become part of the Equine and Wines community. Come with a desire to enjoy a new and beautiful way of life while the ‘Super Bowl’ team of experts turns this magnificent plot of land into a dream oasis benefiting the equine and wine industries, beyond imagination.

The Equine and Wines Team

Equine and Wines’ founder and CEO, Tom Heshion, has researched and participated in organic agricultural investments over the past two decades. This research, coupled with his passion for the equine community, has led him to the unique vision of Equine and Wines and a community of organic agriculture, built with off-the-grid power technologies.

Dan Fischl, Tom Heshion, and Doug Frost are the masterminds behind Equine and Wines.

Viticulturist Dan Fischl, PhD, is a highly-regarded international advisor providing broad knowledge with detailed technical advice to numerous respected leaders in the wine industry. Having developed over 32,000 acres of vineyards, for over 1,000 clients, in over 10 countries, Fischl’s roll is critical to the success of this project.

Master Sommelier and America’s eighth Master of Wine, Doug Frost is a key member of this stellar team. According to USA Today, “Frost likely knows as much as anyone in the world about how to make, market, serve and identify wines.” He was the second person in history to complete both Master of Sommelier and Master of Wine exams and almost two decades later he is still one of only four people in the world to have achieved both these remarkable distinctions. His involvement in this project is a huge asset to every level of investor!

Equine and Wines’ started their soil study in the summer of 2017 and continue to expand their research for various agricultural capabilities of the 21,000 acre ranch. They have determined that nearly 2,000 acres of the property is A, and B, rated for vineyards. Based on this 70+ page evaluation, the E&W solution is to build a state-of-the-art equestrian facility to house the horses they intend to use in their biodynamic and organic farming operation. After the heavy machinery needs are finished, they will turn to actual horsepower.

About Equine and Wines

With 21,000 acres in the cool Cochise County mountains, Equine and Wines is working to cultivate their vast acreage into an organic high country vineyard unlike any other. The company is led by CEO and Founder Tom Heshion, Master Sommelier Doug Frost, and Viticulturist Daniel Fischl. For more information, visit https://equineandwines.com/.



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