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Eliminating Weather Holds and Waste: New Cooler Ships Wine Safe and...

From the people that brought Otter Brand to the protection of fragile cell phones comes a new concept in wine delivery, Liviri Vino...

Enterprise Level Automation and AI Marketing Tools Made Accessible to Wineries

Debuting at the WIN Expo in December 2019, PreferencePro by VinterActive made a serious splash and quickly signed up several wineries for this breakthrough email marketing software...

Innovative CIO2 Mister Reduces Water Use in Tank Sanitization by 98%

California Soda Company has been manufacturing and distributing industrial cleaners and sanitizers for close to a century. Knowing a business well means you can see an opportunity for improvement that moves the industry forward...

Improved Dealcoholization Technology Preserves Beverage Quality and Meets New Consumer Demands

“Low and no” are shorthand for one of the beverage industry’s most pronounced trends, a worldwide shift toward low- and nonalcoholic wine and beer...

Wave Technology Offers Ground-Breaking Tool for Cap Management and Precision Vinification

Managing the cap in red wine fermentation requires a blend of science and art to yield the finished wine's desired style. The winemaker’s decisions about breaking up and integrating the solid mass in the fermentor are the keys to delivering the correct color, precise mouthfeel and specific degree finish desired for that wine.

Five Award Winning Innovations That Advance Winemaking and Wine Business

Each year the wine industry faces new trends, new challenges, and the continued pressure to stay ahead of the competition, but with them come...

Innovation Advances Natural Cork Consistency and Quality

Innovation Advances Natural Cork Consistency and Quality: The SARA ADVANCED® process is unique in its meticulous treatment of corks, and has created a product that virtually takes away the guesswork of using natural corks.

Bolstering Grapevines to Handle the Effects of Climate Change

Bolstering Grapevines to Handle the Effects of Climate Change: BluVite (pronounced bloo veetay) was developed in Italy by BluAgri about 10 years ago to help grape growers deal with the inevitability of climate change. Enartis USA began trialing it here in the US in 2018.

Pharmaceutical Technology Adapted for Winemaking Advances Wine Quality

“It eliminates the labor of punch down, not to mention cross contamination problems in cellar environments,” Smith reports. “This machine pays for itself in one season.”

Groundbreaking Production Software Enhances Winery Efficiency and Bottom Line

She set out to create a platform that would transform how winemakers worked through the production process, but it had to be mobile-friendly, intuitive and flexible as well as easy to learn.

ConeTech Builds on Core Expertise to Solve for the Increasing Problem...

ConeTech Builds on Core Expertise to Solve for the Increasing Problem of Smoke Taint in Wine: For a company built on removing alcohol from wine, the focus over the past decade for ConeTech, a member of Advanced Beverage Technologies (ABT) family of companies, has been on innovation and other ways to use its equipment and expertise.

Five Award Winning Innovations for the Wine Industry

Five Award Winning Innovations for the Wine Industry - Innovation often happens when a new or growing problem needs to be addressed, but sometimes it happens just because someone brings a new perspective and imagination to the industry.

Arming the Wine Industry for the Challenges of Today and Tomorrow

Challenges are looming for the wine industry on multiple fronts; overall growth is flattening, new generations have a different relationship to alcohol, climate change and wildfires complicate winemaking, while the labor market affected by immigration and cannabis is becoming increasingly competitive.

One Man’s Idea Becomes Leading Filtration and Remediation Solution for Wine...

The method Tudhope developed worked so well, he started VA Filtration South Africa in 1999 to focus on vinegar removal for wineries in the Western Cape. 

Consumer Behavior Data Now Accessible for Efficient Wine Marketing

“The wine industry has been obfuscated by their data sources given the traditional three tier distribution system,” says Mabray. “Consumer behavior and the foundation of how consumers buy is not apparent to wineries, so we (Emetry) come in as kind of data miners, gather wells of data, clean them up, and put them in a data lake.”