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Afternoon Brief, October 2

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Sonoma County Harvest Fair Wine Sweepstakes Announced A pinot noir, a chardonnay and a sparkling wine won the...

Afternoon Brief, September 26

Harvest Fair Awards Gala Names Coveted Sweepstakes Winners: Family-owned wineries - both large and small - won the coveted sweepstakes awards Sunday at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair Awards Gala...

Afternoon Brief, April 7

Sale of Napa’s Prisoner Signals Change in Wine Markets: Beverage giant Constellation Brands has announced that it will purchase Napa Valley's Prisoner Wine Co. for approximately $285 million...

Afternoon Brief, August 11

Summer Heat to Shrivel French Wine Production: A long period of hot weather threatens to hit the wine harvest in France's famous Burgundy and Beaujolais regions, experts said on Tuesday

Afternoon Brief, August 10

The world's priciest wine is...France's famous Burgundy region has a double reason to celebrate, with a rare vintage from the area emerging as the world's most expensive wine just after the region was named a UN world heritage site