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7 Deadly Zins Tops IMPACT’S 2016 “Hot Brands” List…Again

In 2015 and 2016 brand meets Impact’s stringent criteria LODI, CA (April 19, 2017) – Michael David Winery’s flagship brand, The 7 Deadly Zins, found...

Afternoon Brief, August 22

Wine in Kegs: This Time, Are They Here to Stay?
: Wine in kegs is an ancient concept that has been ongoing in many parts of Europe...

Afternoon Brief, February 4

Sonoma County Vintners’ Role Examined After Director’s Departure: Some local winery officials said Wednesday the unexpected departure of Sonoma County Vintners' executive director should trigger a re-examination of the role the trade group plays within the wine industry as well as the community...

Afternoon Brief, February 5

FDA Sees No Safety Issues with Agglomerated Corks: Yesterday Wine Industry Insight (WII) published a story regarding the health safety of the adhesive used in some agglomerate cork. Today the FDA responded...

Afternoon Brief, Feb 13

Trending Story: Treasury Wine could deliver $2bn through US division sale: Merrill Lynch Treasury Wine Estates is under renewed pressure to sell its troubled US division...