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Afternoon Brief, January 25

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief Trending Story: Judgment of Paris No Clear-Cut Decision It's practically written into the annals of time at this point. A...

Afternoon Brief, July 20

The face of wine is changing: how traditional agencies are rethinking their strategies: Supermarkets’ recent headline-grabbing range culls are just the latest in a long series of changes that have rocked the trade and forced suppliers to take a hard look at the way they do business

Afternoon Brief, March 13

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief Trending Story: California No Longer Copying Europe Californian winemakers may be attempting to emulate the quality of Europe's great wines, but not...

Afternoon Brief, March 10

Brain Protein Could Hold Alcoholism Cure: A study, led by the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, found that the naturally-occurring brain protein called Neuropeptide Y, or NPY, was capable of suppressing binge alcohol drinking in mice...

Afternoon Brief, March 6

Marin officials find Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter in nursery shipment: An official with the Marin County Department of Agriculture found a glassy-winged sharpshooter last Thursday while inspecting a shipment from a nursery in Ventura County, according to county officials...

Afternoon Brief, March 4

Napa County may toughen code enforcement for wineries with "wall of shame": Napa County is looking for ways to make certain the rules it painstakingly crafts, from visitation caps for individual wineries to a ban on rural short-term vacation rentals, are actually followed...