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BOLD Predictions: Thriving Post-COVID

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After several years of record-breaking fire events, experts predicted 2020 to be the “year of recovery” for the California wine industry. 

However, with the outbreak of a global pandemic came shutdowns disrupting business early in the year in a way never seen before. Just as consumers were starting to visit wine country again, the fires returned with a vengeance in what some might call a disaster inside of a disaster. Not only did it cripple tourism in the region, but the financial impact on the grape and wine market is also still being assessed. To add to these already unstable conditions, the country faced an incredibly acrimonious Presidential race leading to even more economic uncertainty – an uncertainty that many wineries continue to wrestle with.

This year-end virtual conference will take a close look at the 2020 impact on the California wine industry, beginning with an economic overview, both nationally and regionally, followed by an up to date report on the grape and bulk wine market. The conference will conclude with an in-depth presentation featuring insights into changes in consumer buying behavior and channel performance. Ultimately, all attempting to answer, “What Can We Expect in 2021?”

An Economic Overview; What’s in Store for the Next 12 Months

Date & Time: Wednesday 16th – 9:00 AM (PT) 

Robert Eyler, Dean of the School of Extended and International Education / Sonoma State University

The 2020 impact on the economy is an unprecedented one, beginning with the COVID-19 outbreak on an international level, followed by two major fire events locally, creating an environment that many businesses will not recover from. What are the lingering effects of these events? What does recovery look like and when will the local economy begin to resemble what we were experiencing prior to this year? How have different counties in the North Coast responded and what do the indicators tell us about the future?

This session, presented by Robert Eyler Ph.D., Professor of Economics and Dean, School of Extended and International Education at Sonoma State University, will look back on the year, beginning with a broad overview at a national level, then drilling down to take a closer look at the local economy, providing insights into travel, tourism, consumer trends and what 2021 could look like.


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State of the North Coast Grape & Bulk Wine Market

Date & Time: Wednesday 16th – 10:00 AM (PT)

Brian Clements, Vice President / Turrentine Brokerage
Bryan Foster, National Sales Manager of Strategic Brands / Turrentine Brokerage

The North Coast grape and bulk wine market has been a tumultuous one this year, to say the least. Beginning with the pandemic impact on consumer purchasing behavior, coupled with major fire events in the middle of harvest, resulting in an environment of uncertainty and unpredictability.

Ultimately, how did the harvest wind up for the North Coast? How have other grape-growing regions around the state been affected? What are the consumer indicators telling us and how will that affect the demand for North Coast grapes? What is the status of the bulk wine market? How have prices been impacted? What might 2021 look like for the grape and bulk wine market?

These questions and more will be addressed by presenters, Brian Clements, Vice President, and Bryan Foster, National Sales Manager of Strategic Brands, both of Turrentine Brokerage, in this interactive session.


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The COVID Impact on Consumer Purchasing Behavior;
What to Expect in 2021

Date & Time: Wednesday 16th – 11:00 AM (PT)

Christian Miller, Research Director, Wine Market Council
Dale Stratton, Analyst / SipSource

2020 began as anticipated from a wine consumer perspective, but the outbreak of COVID-19 had an unprecedented impact on the way wine was being purchased as well as where those purchases were taking place.

How have sales evolved over the last year with regard to price point and channel? What changes are we seeing in purchasing attitudes and behavior? Has the pandemic driven more attention to the health benefits of wine versus other alcoholic beverages? With the anticipation of a vaccine on the horizon, what are the indicators telling us about wine sales and consumer buying trends for the upcoming year? What changes in behavior are not related to the pandemic, but a continuation of underlying trends in wine consumption?

This session, presented by Dale Stratton, SipSource Analyst, and Christian Miller, Research Director, Wine Market Council, will highlight 2020 purchasing trends and the effect on sales channels over the last year and what we can expect as we head into a new year.


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