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WIN Expo 2022

The Most Efficient Humidification Systems on the Market

RWI’s humidification systems are the most efficient systems on the market. The 2.0 series can handle humidification of aging sheds, tasting rooms, storage, and...

Industry Leader for Barrel Rack System

Western Square’s Barrel Master stacking system provides the most visibility and accessibility to your barrels with a more stable footprint. This rack-on-rack structure allows...

Integrated Vineyard Monitoring and Winegrowing Advising

Advanced Viticulture is a leader in integrated vineyard monitoring and winegrowing advising, founded by viticulturist Mark Greenspan, PhD. For the 2023 season, AV is...

Light Filtration Technology That Maximizes the Sun’s Most Productive Rays

Our patented Opti-Filter™ product lines, made from recyclable HDPE, enable commercial growers of high value specialty crops to better utilize sunlight - our most...

Monitor and Protect Your Wine Grapes from Spring Frost

Orchard-Rite will be bringing you information about our frost protection wind machines. We offer stationary, laydown and portable machines to help protect your wine...

Vineyard Equipment from Both New Holland and Kubota, Two Top Leading...

Our exhibit will feature vineyard equipment from both New Holland and Kubota, two top leading manufacturers in the agriculture industry. We will be showing...

Your Local Commercial Supplier for All Agriculture Supply Needs

Orchard & Vineyard Supply will showcase a variety of trellis systems used in vineyards. You'll walk in to an open space with an 8-foot...

Turrentine Brokerage Helps Guide the Wine Industry into the Future

Nearly every person involved in the production side of the wine business would like to look into the future to glimpse the value of...

Highly Maneuverable Specialized Compact Tractors

Ferrari builds high-performance, extremely reliable, and highly maneuverable specialized compact tractors. Combining a short wheelbase and low center-of-gravity with powerful engines and innovative design...

A Vineyard Management Tool Created by Farmers for Farmers

HotSpot AG is a vineyard management tool, developed to simplify irrigation and help growers comply with ever-changing regulations. The cloud-based data is displayed onto...

Ferrari Tractors Give Growers Tighter Turns, Heavier Lifts and Safer Hillsides

BCS America and Ferrari Tractor offer a line of specialized compact tractors with different degrees of maneuverability to give growers solutions for all their...

Premier Vineyard Software Platform for Growers

SWAN Systems is the premier software platform that enables a grower to visualize their farming operation from the “driver’s seat” to improve yield, save...

The Best Vines and Rootstock for Your Future

Duarte Nursery has a diverse array of leading winegrapes for growers across the West Coast. Every rootstock is clean and containerized from the beginning,...

Irrigation Decisions That Improve Winegrape Quality

Come by booth 620 to learn how to get help making irrigation decisions that can improve the quality of your winegrapes! Understanding the specific water...

Innovative & Unique Tanks

Do you need to talk Tanks? National Storage Tank, Tank experts are versed in all tank types and the most innovative and unique tanks...