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Sipping Sustainability: 13 Wine Brands Submit Nearly 116k Cases of Wine for Certification Through SIP Certified™


May 8th – Atascadero, Calif. – In the first three months of 2024, nearly 116k cases of wine embarked on the journey to become SIP Certified sustainable. The applications, submitted by thirteen different wine brands, underscore the commitment of today’s winemakers to offer the market high-quality wines produced through rigorous environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

Wine enthusiasts can look forward to newly SIP (Sustainability In Practice) Certified wines from:

  • Baileyana
  • Bishop’s Peak
  • Cadre
  • Center of Effort
  • Fossil Point
  • Niner Wine Estates
  • Ocean Edge
  • Opolo Vineyards 
  • Presqu’ile
  • Talley Vineyards
  • Tangent
  • True Myth
  • Vina Robles

Consumers can trust that these and any wine that carries the SIP Certified logo was made with practices that help protect people and the planet. The program’s winegrowing and winemaking standards are science-based, and adherence is third-party verified.

For wine brands seeking to put the SIP Certified sustainable logo on their bottle, the application process is now easier than it’s ever been.

After years of development and testing, SIP Certified launched its innovative online application process. The platform is designed to streamline the wine certification journey, 

“Since its launch in 2008, the wine certification process has been carried out through email communication between staff, applicant, and inspector,” explains Beth Vukmanic, Executive Director of Vineyard Team, SIP Certified’s parent company. “Some applications include dozens of unique wines, which posed two challenges: one, email chains would get lengthy; and two, it could be difficult to manage documents. While the system was effective, we knew it could be more efficient.”

In the online system, an applicant uploads their winemaking records and types notes directly into their application. Third-party inspectors can easily find and verify the documents, and type responses back to the applicant. This development has significantly simplified the chain of custody document audit, standing as a testament to SIP Certified’s commitment to accessibility and efficiency.

Vineyard Team considers this a major step forward in helping winemakers market their commitment to sustainability, and appeal to the growing share of wine enthusiasts who are seeking sustainably made options.

As the wine industry continues to evolve and consumer demand for sustainable options increases, the actions of these thirteen brands and the introduction of SIP Certified’s online process signify the industry’s embrace of a more sustainable future.

About SIP Certified

Sustainability in Practice (SIP) Certified is one of the wine industry’s oldest and most important third-party programs. It utilizes a block-to-bottle, integrated approach to management, enabling farmers, wineries and winemakers to preserve the environment and protect human resources.

SIP Certified boasts strict, non-negotiable requirements and standards based on science, expert input, independent verification, transparency and the absence of conflict of interest. SIP Certified launched its pilot program in 2008 with 3,700 acres of vines between Monterey and Santa Barbara counties. Today, there are over 46,000 acres of vines and five wineries in California, Oregon, and Michigan and more than 63 million bottles of wine that have been SIP Certified.

For more information about SIP Certified, please visit SIPcertified.org.