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Santa Rita Estates Names Colangelo & Partners as Agency of Record


Representing Chile and Argentina for over 140 years, Santa Rita Estates aims to expand its communication program in the U.S. and enhance the future of South American wines 

New York, NY, May 3, 2024 – Santa Rita Estates, led by the Claro Group, is one of the largest wine groups in South America and includes Viña Santa Rita, Viña Carmen and Sur Andino (Chile) and Doña Paula (Argentina). They have joined forces with Colangelo & Partners–a leading fine wine and spirits integrated communications agency in the US–for the development and execution of a strategic and comprehensive media relations campaign in 2024 with a focus on increasing brand awareness and press coverage for all wineries and the innovative South American winemakers that are part of the group. 

“We are delighted to ally with Colangelo & Partners to enhance our image and expand our communication efforts with an agency with a distinguished track record in the wine and spirits sector. We are confident that their expertise will allow us to amplify our brand narrative, strengthen our presence in the United States, and share our story with a broader audience,” says Elena Carretero, corporate affairs, sustainability, and tourism Director at Santa Rita Estates. 

Santa Rita Estates is a global company in the wine industry with more than 170 years of history and a top priority of delivering wines that represent the maximum expression of Chile & Argentina’s most renowned terroirs, such as Valle del Maipo, Apalta, Limarí, and Gualtallary. 

Viña Santa Rita: Founded in 1880, Viña Santa Rita is one of Chile’s most prestigious wineries, pioneering in bringing the finest French varieties to the rich soils of Alto Jahuel, in the Maipo Valley, which ultimately changed the way wines were made in Chile. It is also in the Limarí, Casablanca, Leyda, Apalta-Colchagua, and Curicó valleys. Its icon wine is Casa Real Reserva Especial, and its ultra-premium wines, grouped under the concept of Colección de Origen, include Pewën de Apalta, Bougainville, Triple C, and Floresta. Viña Santa Rita’s wines and tourism have brought forth many prizes and awards over the years: 

  • No 1 Chilean Brand: One out of every three glasses sold in Chile is from Santa Rita, making it the country’s best-selling wine brand. Santa Rita has been chosen 11 times among the most admired wine brands in the world by Drinks International, named “Winery of the Year” 10 times by Wine & Spirits, and recognized as one of the top 100 premium wine and spirits brands of the World by Luxury Lifestyle Awards. 
  • Casa Real Reserva Especial: In 2013, the Casa Real Reserva Especial was named ‘Wine Legend’ (Decanter) for its 1989 vintage, and it became the first South American wine to hold this title. Revolutionizing: Sebastián Labbé, Winemaker of Ultra Premium wines, was named “Winemaker Revelation of the Year” by the Chilean wine guide Descorchados and was recognized in 2023 as one of the top 100 winemakers in the world by The Drinks Business. 
  • Viña Santa Rita Tourism: In 1972 Viña Santa Rita’s cellars, along with the Casa Real Hotel, the neo-Gothic-style chapel, the 40-hectare centennial park, and the Doña Paula Jaraquemada mansion, which now houses the Doña Paula Restaurant, were declared a Historic Monument. In 2024, it was recognized as the “Best Responsible Wine Tourism Experience” in the world by the GWTO (Global Wine Tourism Organization). This adds to various recognitions obtained throughout its history, such as being chosen multiple times as one of the best vineyards to visit in the world by the “World Best Vineyards” ranking or as the “Best Contribution to Wine Tourism” in the world at the 2023 Drinks Business Awards 
  • Sustainability & Community: In 2015, Santa Rita was named the ‘Ethical Company of the Year’ (Drinks Business Green Awards), and in 2017, it received the ‘Corporate Sustainability Award’ in the social category. 

Viña Carmen: A classic since 1850, Viña Carmen has over 170 years of history marked by milestones and successes earned through its experience, enological heritage and tireless search for quality and excellence in five distinct valleys (Limarí, Maipo, Apalta, Maule and Itata). Under the concept of Carmen Legacy, the winery brings together its flagship wine, Carmen Gold, and its ultra-premium wines: Carmen Delanz, Carmen DO, and the traditional method sparkling wine, Brut Nature. Founded by Christian Lanz and named in honor of his wife, Viña Carmen is Chile’s first and oldest winery known for: 

  • A rediscovery of Carménère wine: Viña Carmen is the first winery to create and sell Carménère (1996), a variety that has become one of the most important in Chile. 
  • Commitment to sustainability: The introduction of the Nativa line in 1994 marked Chile’s first organic and sustainable wine line. 
  • A passion for innovation: with over 20 years of professional experience, Ana María Cumsille joined Viña Carmen as the Chief Winemaker to continue enhancing the winery’s legacy, while incorporating unique and innovative approaches to Chilean winemaking. 

Doña Paula: Established in 1997 in Mendoza, Argentina, Doña Paula is an estate winery known for premium wines that are the most truthful expression of each terroir defined by the weather and soil characteristics of Ugarteche, Luján de Cuyo, which is the cradle of Malbec par excellence. Among its wines are its icon wine Selección de Bodega, Altitude Series, and the Estate range. Doña Paula wines are known for: 

  • High-altitude: Located between 1,050 and 1,350 meters above sea level, these wines highlight Argentina’s potential for producing super premium varieties including Malbec, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and more. 
  • 100% Estate grown: The wines come from the best regions made with 100% grapes from owned vineyards, resulting in a unique and intense personality, complex character and vivacious body that exemplifies the best of the region. 
  • Terroir & Expertise: Winemaker Cristóbal Undurraga has a broad national and international career that has led him to become a prominent figure in the world of wine. He has worked in prestigious wineries worldwide–specifically in France, the United States, Australia, Argentina, and

Chile–allowing him to absorb knowledge, refine his skills and develop a unique understanding of terroirs. 

“We are thrilled to partner with Santa Rita Estates, a prestigious name with a rich heritage in winemaking. At Colangelo & Partners, we pride ourselves on representing some of the finest wine producers from across the globe, and Santa Rita’s commitment to quality and innovation aligns perfectly with our values,” says Felipe Gonzalez-Gordon, chief operating officer and partner. “We look forward to working with Santa Rita to bring compelling narratives to the media that resonate with wine enthusiasts and elevate their brands to new heights.” 

Located in Chile and Argentina’s best and most diverse wine valleys, Santa Rita Estates is a leader in developing and growing the sustainable wine sector. It is present in 50+ countries, and 91% of its exports hit 12 top markets. 

About Santa Rita Estates 

Santa Rita Estates is one of Chile’s most traditional wine groups and holds significant domestic and international prominence. It comprises three wineries in Chile (Santa Rita, Carmen, Sur Andino) and one winery in Argentina (Doña Paula). Santa Rita Estates has built a significant commercial development that today gives it a presence in more than 60 countries, with markets such as the United States, Ireland, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, and Canada, in addition to Chile, being some of the most relevant. The vineyards of Viña Santa Rita and its subsidiaries exceed 3,500 hectares planted across the Limarí, Leyda, Casablanca, Maipo, Colchagua, Apalta, Curicó, and El Maule Valleys in Chile, and the Luján de Cuyo and Valle de Uco in Mendoza, Argentina. 

About Colangelo & Partners 

Colangelo & Partners is the leading fine wine and spirits integrated communications agency in the United States, sought after by top brands and industry players for quality results, creativity and a return on investment. The professionals at Colangelo & Partners work with integrity and passion to influence how US audiences perceive their clients: earning consistent, high-quality positive media coverage; organizing signature events; strategizing and executing standout digital campaigns, and implementing trade programs that strengthen relationships within the industry. Colangelo & Partners’ clientele includes global, instantly recognizable brands, and passionate, up-and-coming vignerons and distillers, regional and national institutions and technology and e-commerce companies innovating in the beverage alcohol sector.