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Stravito Advances Generative AI Features By Introducing Assistant — A Conversational Search Engine That Accelerates Insights Discovery for Food and Beverage Organizations


The enterprise-ready generative AI tool delivers an interactive conversational experience that helps F&B teams extract and synthesize insights for data-driven business decisions at scale. It was developed collaboratively with Fortune 500 customers to address and solve real-life needs.

16 April 2024, Stockholm: Stravito, the enterprise insights platform democratizing access to market research in the world’s largest food and beverage organizations, is making a major leap forward in its generative AI journey. Today the company unveils Stravito Assistant, a trusted insights companion that helps users find answers faster, ask better questions, and immediately leverage a wealth of insights to inform real-world business decisions.

Building on Stravito’s initial generative AI capabilities launched last year, Assistant introduces a conversational approach, where users can collaborate with the technology in an engaging two-way manner, simplifying workflows and allowing for more rapid time to insight.

According to Stravito Founder and CEO Thor Olof Philogène, Stravito Assistant is the direct result of engaging deeply with enterprise customers to develop generative AI capabilities customized for the needs of food and beverage insights professionals and their stakeholders.

“We are proud to unveil Stravito Assistant, using Generative AI technology to create a product that truly supports human expertise”, said Philogène. “Built hand in hand with customers, and with the utmost focus on security and privacy, Assistant combines Stravito’s brilliant user experience with intuitive interactions to provide employees in large enterprises with a conversational tool that is easy and enjoyable to use. Stravito Assistant automates workflows and reduces time-to-insight, so that insights professionals and business stakeholders can make more informed decisions faster.”

One of the first customers to use Stravito Assistant is iconic multinational brewer Heineken. Global Head of Strategy and Insights Lalo Luna comments:

“At Heineken, we’re committed to leveraging emerging technologies to maximize Heineken’s data resources and enhance our human-centric approach across the organization. Generative AI offers significant benefits in processing large volumes of qualitative and quantitative data, and we’re excited to further integrate generative AI into our operations using Stravito Assistant.”

Luna continues: “Stravito’s human-centric approach to innovative technology, positions them perfectly to assist us in boosting productivity and improving workflows that deliver the right insight at the right time to the right people, helping us to re-use insights and reduce the time-to-market.”

The Right Questions…and Answers to Accelerate Time-to-Insight

Following Stravito’s first generative AI offering where users could ask a question and get an answer based on a company’s research housed in the platform, users can now have a full conversation with Stravito Assistant. The system will gently prompt users to ask follow-up and clarifying questions, thus drilling deeper into their research so that users can be served the most useful and applicable information for their context. Each response is properly footnoted throughout, so users can have full trust in the answer provided and can easily click through to the source material for more details. Responses can also be drilled down by time and location to accurately reflect the dynamic nature of insights and how they can vary by region.

“Early uses of generative AI for F&B industry insights have shown us that getting the best results requires asking the right questions and receiving summarized answers based on contextualized, easily provable data,” Philogène continued. “By making Stravito Assistant more conversational and context-aware, we’ve ensured users can easily navigate a knowledge space and reduce time-to-insight in a secure and transparent way.”

All Stravito Assistant threads are preserved in a History tab, allowing users to easily return to previous conversations and continue them at a later date. After a productive conversation, Assistant can also summarize key takeaways in bullet points including all cited sources, or create a presentation draft with the key pages from all cited sources that can be downloaded and worked on together with others. In this way, Stravito Assistant makes it easier to bring insights into action and integrate them directly into projects.

Trusting the Outputs

Built with the utmost focus on reliability, privacy and security, Stravito Assistant draws information only from each client’s owned data. When referencing sources, the system will always prioritize fresh data and flag if older source material is used. If there are conflicting data points or if no data is available in the system to support giving an answer, Assistant will tell the user – giving them a chance to discover potential conflicts or blank spots in their internal company knowledge.

Adhering to the highest standards of trust and confidentiality, Stravito was recently recertified for the updated ISO/IEC 27001 standard for information security, the world’s best known standard for information security management systems (ISMS).

For more information, visit www.stravito.com.

About Stravito

Stravito is an award-winning Swedish SaaS Scale-up whose AI-powered enterprise insights platform allows the world’s largest companies to easily store, discover, and integrate market and consumer insights.

Using the Stravito platform, global organizations such as McDonald’s, Comcast, Burberry and Danone put more insights into the hands of employees worldwide, so they can maximize the value of their market research and insights and make more informed business decisions.

Backed by leading European investors and certified according to ISO 27001, Stravito was founded in Sweden in 2017 by a team of entrepreneurs with decades of technology and research industry experience. Today, it is represented globally with bases in Stockholm, London, Amsterdam and the United States.