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Château La Gordonne Unveils Trilogy of Unique, Extraordinary Wines: Le Cirque des Grives, Sémaphore, and Les Planètes


(Pierrefeu-du-Var, France — February 22, 2024) — Château La Gordonne, a unique and renowned estate in sun-drenched Provence, France is proud to announce the release of its highly anticipated trilogy of wines: Le Cirque des Grives, Sémaphore, and Les Planètes. Representing the peak of terroir expression, each wine in this trilogy showcases the individual characteristics of the Golden Triangle, where the clay of Puget-Ville, the schist of Pierrefeu-du-Var, and the limestone of Cuers converge. Château La Gordonne’s exceptional Cellar Master, Julien Fort, has endeavored to pay tribute to the mosaic of terroirs in the “beautiful and great Provence” under the three original colors of Château La Gordonne.

These unique cuvées also mark ten years of conversion to organic farming, to respect and enhance the know-how of the Château La Gordonne teams and the environment of the estate, and thereby contribute to the preservation of the wine-growing agrosystem.

Rosé, white, and red wines – each with its own name, identity, and vinification method, together form this trilogy. The exceptional character of this trilogy lies in its unique vinification and aging container, the sandstone egg. Vinified in a small volume of 400 liters, the selection process gains in finesse without aromatic masking.

Le Cirque des Grives (blend of Cinsault and Grenache): This rosé wine embodies freshness, finesse, and complexity, with fruity aromas and a smooth finish. Sourced from the best-exposed vines in the “Cirque des Grives” terroir, where sunlight bathes the hillside, this wine captures the essence of Provence’s vibrant landscape.

Sémaphore (Rolle): A tribute to the white terroirs of Château La Gordonne, Sémaphore is crafted from the king grape variety, Rolle. Cellar Master Julien Fort meticulously selects and works with vines over 80 years old to produce this pure expression of tradition, history, and modernity.

Les Planètes (blend of Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Mourvèdre): This innovative cuvée showcases a new method of extraction by infusion in a historic container. Each berry is hand-selected and vinified in sandstone eggs, and then blended by the cellar master to reach the perfect balance. The rotation of the egg produces a silky, fine and elegant wine.

Julien Fort emphasizes the importance of knowing and understanding Provence’s numerous micro terroirs to create these harmonious wines. He expresses himself through these wines, driven by his love of the estate and its rich history, dating back to 1652.

“We like to make a wine that resembles its land, generous and sun-drenched, where the color reflects the softness of a region unique in the world, where the nose inhales the most subtle perfumes of the Mediterranean,” says Fort.

As Cellar Master, Fort endeavors to infuse Château La Gordonne wines with character, reflecting the intimate connection he shares with the vibrant region.

Organic and sustainable vineyards play a pivotal role in the ethos of Château La Gordonne. The estate places a strong emphasis on biodiversity, employing natural methods to enrich the soil, such as integrating sheep into the vineyard ecosystem and covering the grounds with grass and leguminous plants. Since 2009, the grapes in Provence have been manually harvested at night, preserving the berry and ensuring high quality and aromatic freshness by protecting them from oxidation.

About Château La Gordonne

Château La Gordonne, located in sunny Provence, France, is one of the flagships of Vranken Estates. Dating back to 1652, this centuries-old winery is renowned for crafting exquisite rosé wines that capture the region’s terroir in every bottle. Committed to sustainable viticulture, and becoming completely organic in 2021, Château La Gordonne maintains a dedication to preserving its environment and giving their wines character.