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Mendocino 2023 Harvest Tops the Books 


USDA Preliminary Grape Crush Report 

February 14, 2024 – Mendocino County realized near-record crop values from the recently completed 2023 harvest, according to data released by the US Department of Agriculture in the annual Crush Report. Winegrape growers in Mendocino booked $130 million in crop revenue, a 19% increase from the 2022 harvest. 

Strong pricing and good yield both contributed to the surprising value. The average price per ton, which is a blended average across all winegrape varietals, measured $1827 per ton. This is the highest value on record. Tonnage was also strong from the 2023 crop, coming in at 71,400 tons across all Mendocino vineyards. The highest tonnage on record is 81,900 from 2018. 

Pinot Noir and Chardonnay were the most valuable crops in the County. Pinot produced 11,100 tons valued at  $38 million whereas chardonnay yielded 26,600 tons with a value of $37 million. Most of the County Pinot Noir  is grown in the prestigious Anderson Valley whereas Chardonnay is planted equally in the County’s 12 grape  growing appellations. 

Winemaker Hoss Milone from Hopland’s Brutocao Cellars sees 2023 as a unique harvest. “The grapes were delayed by 2-3 weeks due to a slow start and a cooler than usual spring and summer. We saw a mix of reds and whites being harvested simultaneously. Longer hang time was needed, and cooler temperatures produced one of the best vintages seen in the last 20 years. Grape quality was at premium levels.” 

Redwood Valley is another key grape-growing region in Mendocino. Frey Vineyards, a nationwide leader in organic winemaking, reported yields in Redwood Valley were close to average. Nice acidity in the grapes and the absence of undesirable sugar spikes led to “one of the best vintages we’ve seen in a long time.” 

Mendocino growers who specialize in Sauvignon Blanc had a great harvest, with total tonnage increasing 56% from last year’s disappointing harvest. Pinot Noir also saw a large year-over-year jump: 45%. 

Statewide the winegrape crop grew to 3.65 million tons, slightly above average. However, the North Coast, which includes Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, and Lake grew to 549,000 tons, nearly 25% above the average tonnage for this super-region.



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