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Golden State Cider Claims Top Spot in California and Showcases Mighty Dry as Nation’s Leading Regional Cider


The Cidery’s Taproom Introduces Seismic Brewing Co. Offerings, Becoming California’s Premier Destination for Beer and Cider Enthusiasts

HEALDSBURG, Calif., – December 14, 2023 – Golden State Cider proudly announces its esteemed position as California’s No. 1 cider brand1, showcasing a significant growth trajectory and an unwavering commitment to quality. The brand’s flagship product, Mighty Dry, has notably achieved the status of the top regional cider SKU in the country, marking an 18 percent increase in sales2.

California’s No. 1 cider – Golden State Cider – joined by Seismic Brewing Company in California taproom

Golden State Cider, celebrated for its quality-driven dry cider selections, announces this milestone while welcoming Seismic Brewing Company to its taproom in Sebastopol, California. Known for its innovative craft beers, sustainable brewing practices and bold new packaging, Seismic enriches the taproom experience. This collaboration at The Barlow brings a diverse range of flavors and styles, solidifying the Sebastopol taproom as a premier destination for craft beverage enthusiasts.

Breanne Heuss, director of marketing for both brands, shared her thoughts on this new chapter: “The enhancement of Golden State Cider’s presence at our taproom, alongside Seismic Brewing Co., marks a significant milestone. It allows us to showcase a wide variety of our premium ciders together with Seismic’s exceptional beers, highlighting our commitment to sustainability and local sourcing.”

The joint taproom at The Barlow in Sebastopol now features an array of both brands’ products. Visitors can enjoy tasting flights of core and specialty ciders, ultra-small batch taproom-only ciders, aged Gravenstein brandy, and Seismic’s acclaimed craft beers. Regular events like trivia and live music will continue creating a vibrant, community-focused atmosphere.

Golden State Cider’s journey began in 2012 in Sebastopol, with a mission to save the heirloom Gravenstein apples. Since then, the brand has expanded its range to include more than 14 cider varieties, catering to a wide array of tastes. Among these are popular choices like Mighty Dry, Gingergrass, Brut, Jamaica, Mellow Hops, and the latest addition, Dry & Mighty. The alcohol-removed cider represents an innovative option for the upcoming Dry January. Each variety, known for being gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and crafted without added sugar, appeals to health-conscious consumers. The meticulous crafting process, from cold-pressing West Coast apples to careful fermentation and centrifuge filtering, ensures each can delivers an elevated cider experience. Golden State Cider’s rise to the top spot in California, along with Mighty Dry’s distinction as the nation’s leading regional cider, marks a significant achievement in the rich cider-making heritage of the West Coast.

Seismic Brewing Company, known for its Pilsner, West Coast IPA, and innovative new-to-market Sparkling Hop Water, has set new standards in the industry with its commitment to sustainability. The company’s remarkable water-use reduction, local sourcing of ingredients, and reliance on 100 percent local and renewable energy underscore its dedication to environmental stewardship. This shared ethos of sustainable practices and community focus sets the stage for the joint venture in the taproom.

“Bringing Golden State Cider and Seismic Brewing Co. together in this taproom venture is about more than just combining great cider and beer. It’s about creating a place where our community can come together to enjoy the best of what we have to offer,” Heuss said. “As we celebrate Golden State Cider’s achievement as California’s top cider brand and Mighty Dry’s success nationally, we’re reminded of the support and enthusiasm of our fans. They’re the reason we strive to innovate and excel. We look forward to continuing to serve and engage with our community, sharing our passion for quality craft beverages in every glass we pour.”



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