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Larkmead Vineyards Earns California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) Status


Larkmead Vineyards, owned by the Solari Baker family, has earned CCOF status after years of organic farming and completion of the rigorous process, further affirming their commitment to land stewardship and the production of fine Napa Valley wine 

Calistoga, CA, December 12, 2023 — Larkmead Vineyards, owned by the Solari Baker family since 1948, has been a longstanding member of the Napa Valley wine community with a steadfast and unwavering commitment to land stewardship. After years of organic farming across the 115-acre vineyard and the completion of the rigorous organic certification process, Larkmead Vineyards has earned California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) status.

Larkmead Vineyards Proprietor Kate Solari Baker. Photo credit Jimmy Hayes Photography

“The Solari Baker Family has long espoused organic farming in our vineyards. Achieving the CCOF status was the last piece of the puzzle,” said Kate Solari Baker, proprietor of Larkmead Vineyards. “We are excited to share this news with our colleagues, winery guests, and club members.”

Vineyard Manager Nabor Camarena, who has been with Larkmead Vineyards for fourteen years, first started farming the estate vineyards organically in 2016 in an effort to strengthen soil and vine health. “We had already been using regenerative and sustainable farming practices, eliminating pesticides and herbicides, and utilizing integrated pest management. We saw the value in farming organically right away in the vineyards and across the estate ecosystem,” Camarena said. “Taking the extra step to explicitly farm organically and fully adhere to the CCOF practices was easy and natural for us. We saw our vineyards thrive, and we are proud to achieve certification after many years of dedication and hard work.”

Winemaker Avery Heelan, who has been with Larkmead Vineyards since 2019, has always been in strong support of obtaining CCOF status from the beginning of her Larkmead tenure. “Nabor and his team do a fantastic job farming our estate to the highest level,” Heelan said. “We continue to learn and improve our techniques constantly, and becoming certified allows us to illustrate our commitment to responsible farming.” For Heelan, making the right decisions for the land is what makes all the difference in the final wines. “Working towards building biodiversity and beneficial populations allows our grapevines a more varied ecosystem to thrive in, which in turn makes our vines more resilient and our finished wines more complex and complete,” says Heelan. “As a member of the Napa community, it is not just about making the right decisions for our team and customers to feel good about our wines, but also for the betterment, health, and longevity of the valley as a whole.”

Larkmead Vineyards has an impeccable track record of wine accolades and praise, including over 140 scores of 95 points and above from renowned wine critics around the globe—a testament to its commitment of soil and vine health, and the pursuit of perfection through organic farming and honorable land stewardship. With the CCOF status, Larkmead Vineyards authenticates its commitment to the land, the agricultural community, and the quality of their estate vineyards—solidifying the caliber of their wines and honoring their recognized designation as one of Napa Valley’s finest and most environmentally responsible family-owned estates. 

About Larkmead Vineyards

Larkmead Vineyards is one of the oldest family-owned wineries in Napa Valley. Originally founded in 1895, Larkmead has been under the stewardship of three generations of the Solari family starting in 1948. In that time, the family has steadily farmed, replanted, and nurtured the 115-acre vineyard to create some of the most recognized 100% estate grown and produced wines from Napa Valley. www.larkmead.com 



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