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Beverage Alcohol Buyers Seeking Diverse Suppliers Can Discover All Brands on One Digital Platform


The Premier Centralized B2B Global Digital Catalog connects diverse-owned, diverse-led and diverse-made suppliers to buyers, supplier diversity managers, wholesalers, and investors, across the globe.

New York, NY – December 12, 2023 – Diverse Powered Brands™, the premier centralized B2B global digital catalog, makes searching for diverse-owned, diverse-led and diverse-made brands across all categories of beverage alcohol seamless and easy. Until now, buyers, supplier diversity managers and wholesalers lacked a centralized trusted resource to discover diverse suppliers and those that are third-party certified.

Diverse Powered Brands (DBP), built with the feedback of buyers representing some of the globe’s largest retailers, is an innovative solution to meet the growing demand of socially conscious consumers, and to build momentum for brands owned and operated by historically marginalized communities. With the rise of socially conscious consumerism, the demand for products that reflect the diversity of the consumer has skyrocketed, and reports show that major corporations are investing billions in supplier diversity programs to address this demand.

Drizly (Drizly.com) reports that Gen-Z are the most conscious alcohol consumers in the United States and almost one-fifth of Millennials said that diversity influences where they spend their money, such as with businesses owned by women, LGBTQIA+, and BIPOC individuals.

According to the Hackett Group’s Supplier Diversity Study, by 2025, companies expect more than a 50% increase in their diversity spending goals. 

By 2025, companies expect more than a 50% increase in their diversity spend goals and Women-Owned businesses are currently the top diversity category globally.  (Source: The Hackett Group)                                                    

“Diverse Powered Brands is a groundbreaking online platform for brands to share their unique brand stories and get in front of buyers and wholesalers,” said Deborah Brenner, Founder & CEO of Diverse Powered Brands and Women of the Vine & Spirits. “We are committed to providing diverse suppliers with the resources and opportunities they need to succeed, and we are excited to partner with buyers and supplier diversity professionals who are dedicated to sourcing products from diverse businesses.”

Demonstrating ease of use, Target (Target.com) Wine Buyers utilized Diverse Powered Brands to discover and select thirteen diverse brands for an in-person pitch day this past June. The brands were invited to join Target and DPB for in Minneapolis, also joined by executives from Women of the Vine & Spirits and Wholesaler Representatives from Johnson Brothers, Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits (SouthernGlazers.com) and Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC.com).

Target selected seven suppliers from the pitch day for placement in Target stores in Spring 2024. The selected suppliers are Women-Owned, Black-Owned & AAPI-Owned. 

“Target is fortunate to have a very diverse guest base that values newness and innovation. A digital catalog, like Diverse Powered Brands™, is an incredible tool for our buying teams to use to find products that our guests are looking for,” said Jenn Holterman, Director, Wine at Target. “Target is working on ways to champion diverse vendors and become a leading retailer for diverse and female led brands – this is such an incredible tool and partnership to help us do that!”

At the Diverse Powered Brands in-person pitch day, National Target wine buyers relied on the premier centralized B2B global digital catalog to discover, research, and select seven diverse suppliers for placement in store. Check out more photos here.

Diverse suppliers in Diverse Powered Brands include BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), Disabled, LGBTQIA+, Veteran, and Women. Qualifying suppliers are companies that have diverse owners, companies that are third-party certified, brands that are diverse-led, and/or brands that are diverse-made.

Buyers and supplier diversity managers are signing up for access now to explore, discover and research diverse suppliers across beverage alcohol using the centralized B2B digital catalog, eliminating the need to visit multiple sources or websites.

Brand Pages

Standardized company and brand pages including informative brand stories, product descriptions, images, and videos using pre-designed templates for a consistent and robust brand experience are allowing buyers to discover the brands and ultimately place their order directly through the licensed wholesaler listed, ensuring accurate pricing, inventory, delivery times, and customer satisfaction.

Preparing for 2024 Heritage Months

As companies prepare for 2024, Diverse Powered Brands is providing unique opportunities for brands to showcase themselves during heritage months and holidays. Buyers looking to place diverse brands on their shelves and menus in celebration of heritage months and diverse-focused holidays are utilizing Diverse Powered Brands as a discovery tool. 

Celebrate 2024 Heritage Months with Diverse Powered Brands:

  • February: Black History Month
  • March: Women’s History Month; International Women’s Day
  • April: Arab Heritage Month
  • May: Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Month
  • June: LGBTQIA+ Pride Month
  • July: Disability Pride Month
  • September 15 – October 15: Hispanic Heritage Month
  • October 30 – November 3: National Veterans Small Business Week
  • November: Native American and Indigenous Heritage Month; Veterans Day

Qualified suppliers can sign up here.

Qualified buyers can sign up for free access here.

Wholesalers will be granted access in Q1 2024. Fill out the contact form to be notified https://diversepoweredbrands.com/intake/wholesaler/

Investors will be granted access in Q2 2024. Fill out the contact form to be notified https://diversepoweredbrands.com/investor-landing/

To learn more about Diverse Powered Brands, visit diversepoweredbrands.com.

About Diverse Powered Brands™

Diverse Powered Brands is the premier centralized B2B global digital catalog connecting diverse suppliers, buyers, supplier diversity managers, wholesalers, and investors across the entire beverage alcohol and hospitality industry. Diverse Powered Brands – the industry’s trusted resource – provides a seamless, easy, and informative way to discover diverse suppliers across all beverage alcohol and non-alcohol categories, all on one platform. To learn more and sign-up visit diversepoweredbrands.com.



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