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Messina Hof Announces Newly Released Vintage Wines


Messina Hof Winery announces seven newly released vintage wines that have been added to the brand’s premium collection. With new wines being released only three times throughout the year, these special vintages were revealed at the annual Winter Wine Premiere Dinner hosted at the Estate location in Bryan, Texas. The new wines and links to purchase are as follows:

  • 2022 Heritage Select, Bonarrigo Family Wines
    • This dry white blend has delicate aromas of honeysuckle and white flowers. Crisp citrus flavors and bright acidity are complemented by smooth tropical flavors and medium body.
  • 2022 Riesling, Tribute Series
    • Messina Hof’s Riesling is a semi-sweet, medium-bodied white wine. It has fresh and delicate floral aromas with flavors of honeysuckle and citrus zest. The beautiful acidity in this wine makes it a perfect pairing for spicy Cajun cuisine or blackened seafood.
  • 2021 Paulo Tempranillo
    • Paulo Tempranillo is a full-bodied wine with nuances of dark cherry, vanilla and dried cloves. It is masterfully oak aged, giving it a wonderful tannin structure and long, refined finish.
  • 2021 Sagrantino Reserva
    • Sagrantino is a grape with incredible structure, tannin and flavor. Our Sagrantino Reserva is a dark red wine with intense tannins and rich, jammy fruit flavors. Oak aging adds hints of vanilla and cinnamon with earthy undertones.
  • 2021 Cabernet Sauvignon, Private Reserve
    • This Cabernet Sauvignon has great fruit flavors and a medium to full-body mouthfeel. Our special aging process adds spicy tones of peppers, blackberry and vanilla giving beautiful complexity to this hearty Bordeaux-style wine.
  • 2021 Paulo Merlot
    • Paulo Merlot is a medium-bodied classic varietal with silky tannins. Extensive oak aging in American and French oak adds aromas of spiced mocha and anise. Red fruit flavors of cherries and ripe raspberries come together on the palate providing an elegant, well-rounded structure.
  • 2020 Paulo Port
    • Paulo Port is a sweet and decadent dessert wine with notes of dark chocolate and vanilla. This sweetness is rounded out with full flavors of dark berries and anise. As this wine undergoes extensive oak aging in brand new Fusion oak barrels, soft notes of incense and espresso develop.

“We are thrilled to announce our lineup of seven new vintages that will expand our portfolio,” said Karen Bonarrigo, Chief Administrative Officer and Owner of Messina Hof. “With each bottle, there is a variety of rich flavors that express themselves with every sip, offering a different wine for any occasion.”

The newly released wines are now available for purchase online and at all Messina Hof Winery locations while supplies last.


Messina Hof Winery is a family-owned and operated business based on the three cornerstones of family, tradition and romance. Messina Hof is dedicated to producing premium Texas wines that people love. Their passion is to share these wines through experiences of exceptional hospitality, food, and customer service in order to bring people into the Messina Hof family and inspire them to share them with their own.



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