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Icons, Rising Stars or Hidden Gems : The First 100 International Wine Estates Are Now Active on Winechain

  • Successful Registration for the First 100 Wine Estates Worldwide Selected by Antoine Pétrus
  • New Ranking Feature: Icon/Rising Star/Hidden Gem
  • Dtc Sales Worldwide, the Future of Today’s and Tomorrow’s Fine Wines

November 7th – WineChain announced today that it has reached the important milestone of 100 international wineries onboarded on its platform. Didier Dagueneau, Thibault Liger-Belair, Egon Muller, Charles Heidsieck, Cantina Rizzi, Château Climens, Beaucastel, Roederer, Symington Family, Domaine Vaccelli…..All have successfully completed all the necessary steps to be ready to launch their next exclusive offers on WineChain: from now on, they can choose independently the wine, the quantity, the price, the geographical areas on which the offer is made and the royalties attached to the smart contract, all important criteria for the success of their operation. Resolutely Web3-oriented, WineChain – which was created by winegrowers for winegrowers – makes perfect sense for the world’s top names in wine.

Antoine Pétrus (Director of Wine):

“The WineChain community is convinced that the great wines of tomorrow are still only at the ‘hidden gem’ stage, and that the role of our platform is to promote them. WineChain is the platform for all great wines, not just those of today, but also those of tomorrow. As more and more iconic estates join WineChain to offer their wines exclusively to a new generation of private customers, it was only natural to associate them with the rising stars and hidden gems that will come to the fore in the years to come.”

This new WineChain-exclusive classification feature provides an answer to the new generations who want to expand their ‘Wine Cellar in the Cloud’, and also gives new visibility to future great wines alongside iconic bottles.


  • ICON: “The wine comes from the top 100 best winemakers in the world. These wines are not easily accessible and hold their value as they age.”
  • RISING STAR: “The wine comes from a breakthrough winemaker, recognized for their showcase of terroir, passion and enthusiasm. Wine connoisseurs increasingly seek these wines and we predict it will become an icon in the future, appreciating in value.”
  • HIDDEN GEM: “It is a phenomenal wine from a region that is not famous yet for making wines or from a new generation of winemakers whose first vintages are promising. The wine provides a sensational experience and we predict it will greatly appreciate in value.”


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