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Napa Valley’s Best-Kept Secret: The Exclusive Rutherford Wine Collection Celebrating the Rutherford AVA’s 30th Anniversary


October 23rd – RUTHERFORD, CA — The Rutherford Dust Society proudly presents the Rutherford Wine Collection in honor of the  30th Anniversary of the renowned Rutherford American Viticultural Area (AVA). This exclusive collection offers wine  enthusiasts a unique opportunity to celebrate this milestone and enjoy exceptional wines from the heart of Napa Valley.  

For three decades, Rutherford has been celebrated for its distinctive “Rutherford dust,” a term that encapsulates the unique  character of our terroir. This collection embodies the pinnacle of Rutherford’s winemaking excellence, featuring over 15  highly esteemed wineries, including Alpha Omega, Quintessa, and Scarecrow. 

The Rutherford Wine Collection offers a variety of packages to choose from, catering to different tastes and preferences. It  also includes the slow unveiling of an exclusive and hand-curated Rutherford 30-pack. These packages are available  exclusively on our website, www.rutherforddust.org, with this limited-time offer extending until November 15th, 2023.  

As the holiday season approaches, the Rutherford Wine Collection provides a convenient opportunity to secure wines that  are perfect for gifting or personal cellaring. These wines also serve as the perfect accompaniment to elevate holiday meals.  Whether for a special occasion or to enrich your personal cellar, this collection offers something for everyone. 

About Rutherford Dust Society 

The Rutherford Appellation is located in the historic heart of the Napa Valley. It is known world-wide for its signature “Rutherford dust”, a  term used to reflect its terroir, its deep connection to the soil in the vineyards, the wine and the wineries of Rutherford. In collaboration with  its grower and vintner members, RDS focuses on helping wine consumers, trade and media discover the celebrated appellation, while  promoting highest quality standards for land stewardship, grape growing and winemaking in the region. With a heavy emphasis on  community, RDS supports other Rutherford non-profit organizations like the historic Rutherford Grange, the Rutherford Volunteer Fire  Department, St. Helena Cooperative Nursery School, and the Rutherford 4-H. For more information about the Rutherford Appellation and  the Rutherford Dust Society, please go to www.rutherforddust.org.



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