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Calabria Family Wine Group & China Wine Tariffs: A Promising Step Forward


23rd October 2023- Third generation family winemakers; The Calabria Family remains hopeful following the breaking news to review China’s wine tariffs on Australian producers.

Andrew Calabria, third generation family member and Sales & Marketing Director of the Calabria Family Wine Group, said that the announcement “brings a renewed sense of hope for Australian winemakers and grape growers.”

“As a fellow Australian wine producer, we understand the immense challenges faced by the industry due to the imposed tariffs,” he said.

“We commend all wine industry organisations involved for their efforts in reaching this positive development. We are grateful for the chance to have our wines potentially regain access to this important market. We remain committed to producing exceptional wines and delivering the utmost quality to our customers worldwide.”

The Chinese market has always been of great importance to the Australian wine industry, with exports valued at over $1bn before the tariffs were implemented. However, these tariffs have caused a drastic decline in exports, with the value plummeting from 1.2bn to $12m.

“At Calabria Family Wine Group, we recognise the significance of the Chinese market and the impact it has on our industry. The imposed tariffs not only affected our company but also led to the loss of valuable relationships with our Chinese buyers. We are eager to rebuild those connections and regain the trust and support of our customers.”

Calabria Family Wine Group looks forward to the outcome and remains optimistic about the future of Australian wine in China. “Together, as an industry, we will continue to stand strong, adapt, and seize every opportunity that comes our way,” said Calabria.

About Calabria Family Wine Group

Officially launch in 2021 with already 220 years of Australian wine history in its portfolio, the Calabria Family Wine Group signifies a new era for the Riverina and Barossa Valley based family wine company headed up by the third generation, of the Calabria family. Rapidly expanding from a single producer-owned and operated wine company to one of the largest family-owned wine groups in Australia, the Calabria Family Wine Group has evolved as a direct response to the growth of acquiring some of Australia’s best-loved wine brands, and a selection of diverse international wine distribution partnerships.



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