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“Exploring Wine Regions: California Central Coast” by Michael Higgins to be Released Nationwide on October 3

Michael Higgins spent two years researching Central Coast wine regions.

(September 25; Los Angeles, Calif.) –  “Exploring Wine Regions: California Central Coast,” the third entry in author Michael Higgins’ highly successful wine travel book series, is set to be released nationwide on October 3. The comprehensive insider’s guide offers a definitive exploration of California’s emerging frontier of wine, including Santa Barbara County, San Luis Obispo County, Paso Robles and Monterey County. Through exclusive first-hand profiles, visual storytelling and expert insights, the book captures the spirit of this flourishing region, uncovering the distinct winemaking philosophies, terroirs, and culinary delights that make the Central Coast so captivating. Distributed by Baker & Taylor, “Exploring Wine Regions: California Central Coast” is available nationwide where books are sold. Exclusive autographed copies may also be acquired online at www.exploringwineregions.com.

Born from a lifelong endeavor to share stories about the people, places and cultures that make wine regions unique, the “Exploring Wine Regions” book series invites readers on vivid escapes to some of the most fascinating wine destinations on earth. Now encapsulating three critically acclaimed books – Argentina, Bordeaux and California’s Central Coast – the series has been honored with ten medals, including multiple “Best Travel Book” accolades. The latest edition takes Michael to his home state to explore California’s Central Coast, an under-the-radar wine and food destination brimming with diversity and discovery. Armed with cameras and a thirst for adventure, Higgins set out on a two-year journey up and down the rugged coastline in search of the pioneering winemakers and chefs defining this burgeoning region. Combined, the book spans 436 pages featuring 102 wineries from 27 sub-AVAs, over 800 photos captured by Higgins himself, and recommendations for 60 restaurants with suggested food and wine pairings.

“The Central Coast offers a world-class wine and food experience, yet remains an under-the-radar destination for many,” says Higgins. “I aim to unveil the depth of the region’s offerings—from its exceptional wines to its farm-to-table cuisine—all enriched by the personalities who make it special.

An intrepid author, publisher, and photojournalist, Higgins has a discerning palate and an eye for the extraordinary. His journey was born from his passion for the world of photography, where his talent for capturing the essence of his subjects was first recognized. This talent, combined with his business acumen, led him to create a successful aviation magazine that focused on lifestyle and travel. However, it was his introduction to the world of wine that truly ignited his passion and set him on his current path.

“Through countless bottles shared, I discovered the true heart and soul of the Central Coast lies in the people,” shares Higgins. “I wanted to share the stories of the people who have their feet on the ground and contribute to both the rich history and the dedication to the future. Ultimately, my books are about the camaraderie and the discovery of romance in each glass, each place and each conversation.” Demonstrating his commitment to unearthing lesser-known facets of the global wine community, Higgins is currently working on his next “Exploring Wine Regions” books, focusing on Mexico and Greece.

For more information and to sign up for exclusive photos and insider newsletters and additional bonus chapters, please visit www.https://www.exploringwineregions.com/free-e-book/

About Michael Higgins & “Exploring Wine Regions”

A native of Southern California, Michael Higgins has spent the past three decades as an influential author, publisher, photojournalist, and self-educated wine enthusiast. Born out of a five-week excursion to Argentina, the “Exploring Wine Regions” book series was initially intended as a simple research trip for his former magazine, Flying Adventures, which he founded in 1994 and handed over to his staff in 2010. This journey, however, blossomed into something much more: the first book in his successful series, “Exploring Wine Regions: Argentina” garnered accolades such as “Best Travel & Wine Book 2016” and “Best Travel Book 2017”. With each edition, Higgins goes beyond tourist trails to spotlight the innovative winemakers and chefs that define a region’s unique character. His books serve as definitive guides, capturing the essence of each wine region with striking visuals and insightful narratives.



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