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Excitement Builds for the 2023 El Dorado Wine Country Harvest


Promising Harvest Season Dawns in El Dorado Wine Country After Years of Challenges.

September 11th – PLACERVILLE, CA – As the farmers of El Dorado Wine Country prepare for the harvest, they’re thrilled to share the excitement! After navigating numerous challenging vintages and natural adversities over the last two years, this year the region anticipates a promising new season of winemaking.

The abundant spring rains reinvigorated soils to give the vineyards the right moisture, while the mild weather allowed the vines to grow slowly and bountifully. With nature’s timing matching the hard work of El Dorado’s winemakers, a delicious mix of tastes and aromas are expected in this year’s vintage.

After facing years of challenges, including devastating wildfires, prolonged droughts, and a harsh double spring frost that resulted in a staggering 90% crop loss for growers, this year’s vintage is emerging with a promising outlook.

“The abundant spring rain saturated local soils and gave our vineyards the water they needed to establish a robust and healthy canopy. The cool and mild spring weather has allowed the vines to grow slowly and set a good crop.” shares Marco Cappelli, Winemaker at Toogood Estate Winery. 

“Fruit set is exceptional in 2023. This year’s heavy spring rains have resulted in a lush and green vineyard canopy” explains Frank Hildebrand, Winemaker and Farmer at Narrow Gate Vineyards.

The 2023 harvest is expected to have a shift of approximately 10 days, predicting the harvest in the first or second week of September. While the delay might seem like a longer wait to enjoy the fruits of their labor, farmers view it as a positive sign supporting quality.

Jennifer Hunt of Starfield Vineyards believes, “the extension of the ripening period into the cooler parts of September and October will help preserve color and acidity in the grapes, and create deeply colored, bright, aromatic wines. It should be a sensational harvest.”

The new timing also offers the prospect of cooler evenings, a much-preferred scenario compared to the intense and stressful heat of earlier harvests experienced in the recent years. 

As a united community, El Dorado Wine Country is getting ready for a promising season, setting the stage for an exciting harvest that truly represents the region’s winemaking heritage.

El Dorado Winery Association is an organization located in the El Dorado wine region of California that represents the unified interests of its members, promotes the brand El Dorado, and increases the recognition of El Dorado’s wine region as a quality wine tasting experience and destination. 



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