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Calling All DTC Winery Pros: The DTC Wine Symposium 2024 Registration and Workshop Sessions Submissions Now Open


September 6, 2023 –Registration is now open for the 17th annual DTC Wine Symposium. Presented by and a fundraiser for Free the Grapes!, the summit will be held January 17-18, 2024, at the Hilton Concord Hotel, Concord, California.


The summit works closely with industry professionals to present case studies, supporting data, and solutions to common winery DTC challenges with the goal of providing participants with more tools to accelerate and grow their businesses. The program will feature thought-provoking keynotes, useful workshop sessions, Town Hall-type discussions on various current topics, and a tradeshow of the industry’s leading suppliers.

The Steering Committee for the DTC Wine Symposium has also identified potential DTC sales and marketing topics and seeks interested speakers to lead the tactical sessions, often complementary to the blue ocean topics covered in Keynote Sessions. The Workshop Sessions RFP is available online, and submissions are due by September 26, 2023.


The 2024 Workshop Sessions RFP includes all information for prospective speakers, including benefits, guidelines, rehearsal requirements, and suggested topics, though an individual can submit their own ideas for topics and panelists. The suggested topics for sessions include:

  • Future of loyalty models
  • AI risks & rewards
  • Selling luxury goods in a “cautious” economy
  • How to build full marketing plans and campaigns
  • ROI on advertising targeting, e-mail marketing & more
  • Social media engagement strategies
  • Consumer event experiences
  • Benchmarking for success

The deadline for submissions to the Steering Committee is September 26, 2023. Questions can be directed to the Steering Committee here: https://dtcwinesymposium.com/contact/

For more DTCWS updates, subscribe to the Free the Grapes! newsletter at https://freethegrapes.org/ and follow the DTC Wine Symposium @DTCWS on X and on LinkedIn. https://linkedIn.com/company/dtc-wine-symposium

Prospective sponsors will find information here: https://dtcwinesymposium.com/sponsorship/

About the DTC Wine Symposium

The DTC Wine Symposium is presented by and a fundraiser for Free the Grapes! The event has funded the Free the Grapes’ PR campaign and the Coalition for Free Trade’s legal work (CFT “retired” in 2014 after achieving its goals). Free the Grapes! works closely with industry lobbyists and regional associations to streamline onerous shipping regulations and to increase the number of legal states, which have grown to 47 and represent 98% of the US population. But the organization’s work is not done: three states ban all shipments, and seven states allow shipments but with major restrictions. The conference is the primary fundraiser for Free the Grapes!, which executes state-specific advocacy campaigns encouraging consumers to write to their legislators and works with media and advocacy groups to keep the issue alive in the media in support of favorable legislation. https://dtcwinesymposium.com/



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