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EU Wine Exports Trends Jan-Apr 2023


Business as usual on the surface, but surprises lie beneath 

July 12th – Eurostat’s preliminary data, for April 2023, allow us to paint a clearer picture for the evolution of European  wine exports, from France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal and Spain towards the important  markets of Canada, China, Japan, USA and UK. Comparing Jan-Apr 2023 vs the same timeframe in 2022, we  see that total wine exports value shows marginal decrease (-1%) while total quantity a significant decline (- 11%). 

The following table outlines the total wine exports value change (%), from each exporting country to  each destination market. Even though the cumulative trends are stable (-1% decrease as mentioned  before), we can see that the detailed landscape exposes significant changes (both positive and  negative) in specific international trade partners.

The complete report, which includes detailed information both on actual values as well as on change trends can be downloaded at https://oensights.com/blog/eu-exports-jan-apr-2023-en/ 

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