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The Entry Countdown Starts for Vinexposium’s V d’Or Awards


July 2023 – The first V d’Or Business Awards by Vinexposium will recognise the most ambitious and responsible initiatives in the global wine and spirits industry. Professionals still have all summer to submit their online applications. The entry deadline is September 22.

The V d’Or awards ceremony is due to take place on 11 February 2024, on the eve of the official opening of Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2024.

“To promote the projects and achievements that build performance, responsibility and community spirit within today and tomorrow’s wine and spirits sector”. As an industry ally, offering a cohesive focal point for the wine and spirits industry all year round, this is how Vinexposium defines the inaugural event of its business awards V d’Or in 2024.


To ensure that everyone can share their actions with the global wine and spirits community, Vinexposium has chosen to make a meaningful commitment by accepting entries from every strand of the wine and spirits industry, both in France and overseas, regardless of a company’s size.


To promote their initiative, applicants are invited to fill in their application form online (at https://www.vinexposium/awards.com) for the category of their choice: best export strategy, best brand experience, best new business solution, best eco-friendly market launch, best joint initiative, and best heritage initiative. Applicants can enter one or more initiatives, however each project can only be presented in one category. Only projects implemented or officially announced after 1 January 2022 are eligible.


Best export strategy
Awards the best export growth strategy implemented by a member of the wines and spirits industry: launch in one or more new markets, or growth in a new market.

Best brand experience
Awards the marketing strategy executed by a member of the wine and spirits industry in a bid to offer the consumer a memorable experience.

Best new business solution
Awards a new and disruptive business solution. A new business solution implies a service, resource or digital solution aimed at developing sales of wines or spirits.

Best eco-friendly market launch
Awards innovative, environmentally-friendly initiatives supporting the market release of a product: packaging, merchandising, retail, etc.

Best joint initiative
Awards the initiatives of a group of players within the wine and spirits industry (appellation, region, or other collective organisation) in promoting a wine region or other collaborative projects.

Best heritage initiative
Awards initiatives designed to share expertise. These initiatives involve sharing either a skill, a process or even passing on a winery.


The V d’Or Panel, whose members are international industry members, will conduct a preliminary selection of finalists, who will then be short-listed by category. The list will be revealed at a press conference in autumn 2023. A second selection phase will ensue, with the names of award recipients announced at a gala event on 11 February 2024, ahead of the official opening of Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2024. A single award recipient will be chosen for each category.


Every year, the six V d’Or awards will be allocated based on the final mark given to each project by the V d’Or Panel. Five criteria have been defined for each of the awards, including one shared by all of them: the CSR impact of each initiative.

An honorary V d’Or will be awarded to the men and women who have made a significant and positive contribution to the wine and spirits industry throughout their careers.

“We are delighted to be launching the first awards scheme hosted by the Vinexposium group. Our aim through the V d’Or awards is to champion the vitality of the wine and spirits industry and award the best initiatives for a sustainable business”, says Vinexposium CEO, Rodolphe Lameyse.

“In a world in motion, where corporate social responsibility plays a pivotal role, it is crucial that the wine and spirits industry should provide the means to encourage the most impactful projects, both in terms of performance and sustainability,” he added. “The awards ceremony and the symbolic implications of the trophy awarded to each of the winners, will ensure the V d’Or awards become a key annual event for the wine and spirits industry internationally”, concluded Rodolphe Lameyse.

The V d’Or awards fast facts:

  • The V d’Or awards are the first Business Awards organised by Vinexposium
  • 6 categories:
    • Best export strategy
    • Best brand experience
    • Best new business solution
    • Best eco-friendly market launch
    • Best joint initiative
    • Best heritage initiative
  • Important dates (the deadlines are at midnight French time)
    • 4 May 2023: online applications open 
    • 22 September 2023: deadline for completed entry applications
    • From 16 to 27 October 2023: V d’Or Panel nominee voting   
    • Autumn 2023: nominees announced for each category
    • From 2 to 12 January 2024: V d’Or Panel voting for award recipients 
    • 11 February 2024: award recipients announced, 6 V d’Or trophies and an Honorary V d’Or awarded at the ceremony hosted ahead of Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2024

For more information, visit vinexposium.com


Vinexposium brings together every strand of the wine and spirits industry to design a variety of relevant formats, all year round, across the globe. By gathering exhibitors and visitors a year at a range of 10 events and within its community 24/7 on vinexposium365.com, Vinexposium is the industry’s ally and is dedicated to its marketing development. 
VINEXPOSIUM, creating momentum. 



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