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Steric Systems Awarded First Place at “Innovation Showcase” Competition at 2023 DISCUS Conference


Proprietary Electromagnetic Process Can Change Compounds in Distilled Spirits and Wines to Improve Taste and Quality

(June 27, 2023 – Culver City, Calif) – Steric Systems, a Los Angeles-based technology start up, took top honors at the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States’ (DISCUS) “Innovation Showcase” competition on June 15th at the annual DISCUS conference in Chicago.

Steric Systems competed against 25 other companies and was one of nine finalists to compete in the Innovation Showcase in a Shark Tank style competition.

“This innovation award means so much to us because it is incredible validation that we have a truly cutting-edge technology that can transform the industry,” said Bill Fay, CEO of Steric Systems. “This started as a true passion project of our founders that eventually roped in equally passionate and talented people from many different disciplines, with the simple goal of giving spirits and wine producers a new tool in their toolbox for improving their products. It’s been a multi-year journey, and this award is validation of those efforts, and of the value of Steric’s process to the industry.”

According to Fay, the Steric System’s innovative technology works by pumping the spirit or wine through a dynamically adjusted electromagnetic field. The energy from that field causes changes to many of the compounds in the spirit. By adjusting the intensity and characteristics of the field, Steric can fine-tune the process for each individual spirit or wine to produce different combinations of chemical changes in the compounds, improving taste, aroma and mouthfeel as well as balancing flavor notes and reducing flaws.

The reactions occur nearly instantaneously, allowing Steric to scale to very large volumes. The company has built a number of machines, about the size of a refrigerator, each capable of processing more than 1000 gallons an hour.

“The process is purely electromagnetic and works on a molecular level,” said Fay. “It is not filtration; nothing is added or removed, and there is no waste stream. We have now successfully used our system on many thousands of gallons of various products for multiple producers, creating tangible value in each case by repairing faults and improving the product.”

The finalists for the Innovation Showcase were chosen out of more than 25 submissions in categories spanning from spirits packaging, technology, supply chain, sustainability, marketing, structure, responsibility and product development. Each contestant had 15 minutes to present their innovation in front of a panel of judges and live virtual audience who scored the innovation based on its concept, value, scalability and demonstrated impact.

About Steric Systems

Steric Systems Inc. is a Los Angeles-based company formed by a group of inventors and engineers who hold a total of 27 patents. They have developed a breakthrough, patent-pending electromagnetic process that can change compounds in distilled spirits and wines on a molecular level to improve taste, mouthfeel and quality.



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