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Celebrating Excellence in the Balkans International Wine Competition and Festival: Honoring the Winners and the Finest of Balkan Wines


27 June, Sofia, Bulgaria – The 12th edition of the Balkans International Wine Festival, held from June 22nd to June 24th, captivated thousands of attendees with its mesmerizing display of the finest wines from the Balkan region. The festival, hailed as one of the most successful editions to date, showcased the exceptional craftsmanship, diversity, and innovation of Balkan winemakers. Amidst the vibrant atmosphere, wine enthusiasts reveled in the opportunity to experience the unique flavors and cultural heritage of the Balkans.

Distinguished wineries from across the region were present at the festival, enchanting visitors with their exceptional vintages. This grand celebration of Balkan wines welcomed esteemed officials, including Ljupcho Nikolovski, the Minister of Agriculture of North Macedonia, and Agneza Popovska, the Ambassador of North Macedonia in Bulgaria. The festival was graced by the presence of Zeljko Jovic, the Ambassador of Serbia, Tsvetan Simeonov, the President of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Krasimir Koev, the Executive Director of the EAVW, and Yordan Chorbadzhiyski, the Chairman of NVWC. The festival also received recognition and support from Radu Moldovan, the Commercial Counsellor at the Romanian Embassy, Dimitrios Mihas, the Commercial Counsellor at the Greek Embassy, and other notable personalities.

Adding an air of elegance and artistic flair to the festivities, the film industry luminaries also graced the occasion. Viktor Bozhinov, the director of the captivating film “Vina,” along with the film’s producer, Nadezhda Tsvetkova, and its talented actors, Elena Telbis and the charismatic host Kristina Veroslavova, captivated the attendees with their presence.

The festival served as a platform to honor the exceptional wines that emerged victorious in the Balkans International Wine Competition, which took place from June 1st to June 3rd in Transylvania, Romania. Among the notable winners was Estate Argyros, whose remarkable Cuvee Evdemon 2019 from Santorini, Greece, earned the prestigious Grand Trophy, captivating the judges with its extraordinary craftsmanship and unforgettable flavors. Suvla Winery from Turkey, renowned for their unwavering commitment to excellence, claimed the esteemed title of Best Winery in the Balkans.

The competition showcased the immense talent and diversity of Balkan wines across various categories:

  • Best Winery in the Balkans Trophy – Suvla winery, Turkey
  • Best Dry White Wine Trophy – Estate Argyros, Cuvee Evdemon 2019, Santorini, Greece
  • Best Dry Red Wine Trophy – Diaporos 2019, Kir-Yiannni estate, Greece
  • Best Sparkling wine Trophy – İyiki Karasakız Rose Sparkling, 2019, Suvla Wines, Turkey
  • Best Dry Rose Wine Trophy – L’Esprit du Lac 2022, Kir-Yianni estate, Greece
  • Best Orange Wine Trophy – Orange 2022, Tipchenitza Winery, Bulgaria
  • Best Semi Dry Wine Trophy – Nemir 2022, Despotika Winery, Serbia

ALAI Sauvignon Blanc 2022, SC VITI-POMICOLA SAMBURESTI S.A, Romania

  • Best Organic Wine Trophy – Bio Rose Bouquet & Melnik & Mavrud 2022, Edoardo Miroglio, Bulgaria
  • Best Dessert Wine Trophy – Vinsanto First Release 2015, Estate Argyros, Greece
  • Best Semisweet Wine Trophy – Oenodos Moschato Semi-sweet 2022, Oenodos Wines, Greece
  • Best Special Wine Trophy – CRU DE L’ODYSSEE 2022, Estate Raptis, Greece
  • Best Indigenous White Wine Trophy – Grand Fru 2020, Vincic winery, Serbia
  • Best Indigenous Rose Wine Trophy – Rose Barovo 2022, Tikves Winery, North Macedonia
  • Best Indigenous Red Wine Trophy – Erigon Kratosija 2021, Lazar Winery, North Macedonia
  • Best Indigenous Dessert Wine Trophy – Monemvasia-Malvasia 2012, Monemvasia winery, Greece
  • Best Label Design Trophy – Gramma winery, Romania

These outstanding winners, along with a constellation of other deserving wineries, have set new benchmarks for excellence in the Balkan wine industry. Their commitment to quality, passion, and dedication continue to elevate Balkan wines onto the global stage.

The Balkans International Wine Festival remains dedicated to promoting and celebrating the diversity, craftsmanship, and excellence of Balkan wines. This year’s edition stands as a testament to the region’s rich winemaking traditions and its capacity for innovation. As the festival continues to grow, it offers a vibrant platform for wineries to connect with industry professionals, engage with wine enthusiasts, and inspire a deeper appreciation for the remarkable wines of the Balkans.

Congratulations to all the winners of the Balkans International Wine Competition, whose achievements contribute to the growth and recognition of the Balkan wine industry worldwide.

For more information about the Balkans International Wine Festival and upcoming events, please visit https://balkanswine.eu/home/.

About the Balkans International Wine Festival

The Balkans International Wine Competition and Festival aim to promote and celebrate the diversity, craftsmanship, and excellence of Balkan wines. It provides a platform for wineries from the region to showcase their wines, connect with industry professionals, and engage with wine enthusiasts. The festival continues to inspire and elevate the Balkan wine industry, fostering a sense of pride and recognition on the global wine stage.



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